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When Was Chick Fil A Sauce Invented?

Curious as to how long Chick Fil A sauce has been around? Wondering when this popular and delicious sauce first launched and become available? Here is what you want to know!

So, when was Chick Fil A sauce invented? Chick Fil A sauce was invented accidentally in the 1980s in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A member of staff mixed together barbecue sauce and a honey mustard recipe (created by the franchise Operator, Hugh Fleming).

Makes sense, considering it shares the name with the restaurant chain.

It had to be around for a while, didn’t it!

And it’s been one of history’s greatest mistakes.

At least for this particular company.

Besides, it is estimated that more than 500 million Chick Fil A sauces are consumed each and every year.

And that number continues to climb.

No surprise really. This sweet, creamy, and tangy flavored sauce is the perfect condiment for many items on the menu; with nuggets and waffle potato fries being notable picks.

But how did all this happen and unfold?

Let’s find out!

The History Behind Chick Fil A Sauce

The origins of Chick Fil A sauce all began in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

A young Georgia university student, Hugh Fleming, was introduced to the company when a former roommate became a franchise operator.

Soon, Hugh Fleming would follow suit and join in the same very position.

This time, however, he would be the operator of a new franchise, in one of Chick Fil As new locations (Spotsylvania Mall, in Fredericksburg Virginia)

To boost sales, a business relationship opened up with a local department store; where Chick Fil A would deliver their food to prevent the department store employees from having to leave their building for lunch.

Feedback was received from these new ‘customers’; the nuggets were great but they needed something a little extra.

This was at a time when dipping sauce was not a thing.

The news got back to fleeing; who proceeded by devising a new sauce.

Based on a friend’s honey mustard salad dressing recipe, he created the original dipping sauce.

It started to become quite popular; to the point where it was even given in little cups to customers with their order of nuggets.

And soon, pump dispensers of the sauce appeared in the restaurant.

And then, one day, the mistake arose that would be the formation of Chick Fil A sauce, as we know it.

An employee mixed some barbecue sauce with the honey mustard dipping sauce.

It tasted phenomenal and that is how the original nuggets sauce was created!

It became a huge, instant success.

It was in such high demand that the restaurant was going through gallons and gallons of the sauce each day.

To the point where it became a real deal-breaker.

Customers would come in and if there was none available, they’d leave without ordering.

Fleming is even quoted as saying:

“If we ran out of it, people would literally leave their food on the counter. They’d be mad at us like we’d done it on purpose.”

It’s no surprise that news of the sauce would soon reach the Chick Fil A headquarters in Georgia.

And they attempted to replicate it, too.

A honey-roasted BBQ sauce was launched, but it just wasn’t the same as the original recipe.

To the point where in 2007, when Fleming retired from the company, he gave his secret recipe to the company.

At no cost.

It is now served, and loved, worldwide.


Since the 1980s.

That’s how long Chick Fil A sauce has been around.

And while there have been various dipping sauces released since then; nothing really compares to the original.

And even a corporately funded replicated version couldn’t compete, either.

That was simply an imposter.

So the sauce you consume to this very day; well it’s based on an old recipe.

And a mistake that keeps on giving!

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