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  • What Is Chamoy Sauce? ⋆ Everything You Want To Know ⋆
    Have you heard of or seen a bottle of Chamoy sauce? Perhaps you’re shopping, or maybe you’re in a Mexican restaurant. Either way, are you not sure what it is exactly, or whether or not you should go ahead and try it? Would you even …

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  • Mongolian Sauce Recipe
    Craving that restaurant-style Mongolian sauce but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you. This definitive guide will help you craft your very own savory, sweet, and spicy Mongolian sauce at home. I am going to explain the ingredients, guide you through the steps, and …

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  • Zarandeado Sauce Recipe
    Are you intrigued by the rich flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine? Have you ever tasted the tangy, aromatic, and delightfully spicy Zarandeado sauce and wished you could recreate it at home? If the answer to these questions is yes, but you feel daunted by the …

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  • Best Sauce For Shrimp Tacos ⋆ 15 Of My Go-To Combinations ⋆
    When it comes to shrimp tacos, it’s no secret that the secret lies in the sauce. As a self-professed shrimp taco enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with different flavors and textures to create the perfect marriage of sauce and shrimp. So, without further ado, …

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  • What Is Green Enchilada Sauce?
    Have you just perused a Mexican menu and stumbled upon the term “green enchilada sauce”? Not quite sure what it was or what it tastes like? Well, you’re in luck! I’m here to walk you through all there is to know about it, what to …

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  • What Is Green Sauce?
    Welcome to the flavorful world of Green Sauce! If you’re new to this tantalizing condiment, you might have spotted it on a restaurant menu or heard someone raving about it in passing. But what exactly is Green Sauce? How does it taste, and what dishes …

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  • What Is Primavera Sauce? ⋆ And My Go-To Recipe ⋆ 
    Are you new to Primavera Sauce? Are you not sure about what it is, when to use (try, or make it)? Want to learn more about what it is typically made from and tastes like? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am …

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  • What Is Amba Sauce? ⋆ Plus My Go-To Recipe ⋆ 
    Have you ever been browsing a menu or caught a snippet of conversation about a mysterious, exotic sauce called “amba,” only to wonder what it is and what it tastes like? Well, you’re in the right place! Amba sauce is an incredible, flavor-packed condiment that …

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  • Is A Ninja Blender Good For Sauces?
    I’ve tried my fair share of kitchen gadgets to create the perfect sauces over the years.  Yet, a Ninja Blender is one of the more recent additions to my kitchen.  Initially, I bought it for smoothies, but I have since been testing it on sauces …

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