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Hey, I’m Jeremy, the founder and chief editor here at We Want The Sauce.

As a lifelong sauce fanatic and foodie, I simply had to create this site to share my passion and expertise.

Whether it be sauce ingredients, recipes, tips, sauce pairings or suggestions – you’ll find everything you need pertaining to condiments here.

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    If you’re a fan of smoky, rich flavors, then exploring the world of Chipotle hot sauces is a culinary adventure you’ll relish. As someone who appreciates the depth and complexity that Chipotle peppers bring to a hot sauce, you understand that it’s not just about …

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  • The Best PH Meter For Hot Sauce That You Can Rely On
    As someone passionate about making the best hot sauce, you know that precision and balance are key to achieving that perfect blend of flavors. This is where a pH meter becomes an essential part of your toolkit. Whether you’re a hobbyist experimenting with new flavors …

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  • The Best Blender For Hot Sauce Is This One Right Here…
    For culinary enthusiasts and aspiring sauce makers, the journey of creating your own hot sauce at home is an exciting endeavor. A key component of this process is finding the best blender that can seamlessly blend ingredients into that perfect, smooth consistency. Whether you’re a …

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  • Best Hot Sauce Bottles To Store Your Fiery Condiment
    For the passionate home chefs and aspiring entrepreneurs who delight in crafting their own hot sauce, finding the perfect bottle to store and possibly sell your fiery creation is as crucial as the recipe itself. Whether you’re experimenting in your kitchen or planning to share …

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  • The Best Jalapeno Hot Sauce You’re Guarenteed To Love
    Finding a decent Jalapeno hot sauce isn’t an easy feat. Besides, testing a lot of sauces gets tough – the burn oh the burn. So to make your life easier, I have compiled a list of the best Jalapeno hot sauces to save you the …

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  • The Best Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce You Need In Your Life
    Embarking on a quest for the best Carolina Reaper hot sauce is like stepping into the arena of extreme heat and bold flavors. It was one that I was more than happy to take on. Today, I’m going to be sharing my favorite and go-to …

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  • The Best Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce To Burn Your Taste Buds!
    For those who dare to venture into the extreme end of the heat spectrum, the quest for the best Ghost Pepper hot sauce is both thrilling and challenging. It’s one that I was delighted to take on. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my results, …

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  • Best Habanero Hot Sauce That You Simply Have To Try!
    Embarking on a journey to find the best Habanero hot sauce is like diving into a world of vibrant flavors and intense heat. It’s one that I was glad to embrace! As a lover of all things spicy, I’ve developed a particular fondness for the …

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  • The Best Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce On The Market Is…
    I’ve always loved a hot sauce, and among them, Scotch Bonnet hot sauce is one of my personal favorites. With a fiery heat and fruity undertones, it just hits the spot. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite brands of Scotch Bonnet hot sauce …

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