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How Long Does Chimichurri Sauce Last?

Bought, or made some Chimichurri sauce and wondering how long you can expect it to last? I questioned the same, did a little research, and would like to relay what I found here for you today.

So, how long does Chimichurri sauce last? Freshly made Chimichurri sauce will generally last for 5-7 days if appropriately sealed, and stored in the fridge. Store-bought branded options may last several months before opening, but will typically last 2-3 weeks once opened. Again, it is advised to refrigerate after opening to preserve quality and freshness.

Freshly made sauce just never lasts as long, I’m afraid.

It’s likely to do with the ingredients.

Besides, store-bought and jarred options are designed to last.

They often have ingredients to help preservation after all.

Nevertheless, you should get a few days from this sauce at the very minimum.

But can this sauce even go bad?

Let’s find out!

Can Chimichurri Go Bad?

Chimichurri sauce can go bad; freshly prepared sauce starts to degrade in quality and freshness after several days. You may get some additional time from store-bought options but even then, it will go bad eventually.

As this sauce primarily consists of herbs (namely cilantro and parsley), there is going to be a limited timeframe to get the most out of it.

Herbs spoil, and they do so relatively quickly.

That being said, the presence of vinegar (in both homemade recipes and storebought options) does act as a natural preservative to some extent.

It should keep the sauce for several days.

It will also help prevent any bacteria from developing and growing (due to the highly acidic environment), but again, only to some extent.

Even with vinegar, it can only go so far.

So, while it is unlikely you would get sick from old Chimichurri, it will not taste as good, after a period of time.

The telltale signs are now presented below.

How Do You Know If Chimichurri Has Gone Bad?

The telltale signs Chimichurri sauce has gone bad are how it looks and how it tastes. The brightly fresh herbs will start to darken and the flavors will not be the same.

For these reasons, it is quite obvious when this sauce is past its best.

It should be vibrantly green, after all.

So, before you even proceed to the taste test, you should know.

But if you did proceed to try it, you should expect Chimichurri to taste earthy and fragrant.

Otherwise, or any deviation from this – then it’s likely gone bad.

Whether you like this alternate flavor, or if it is an issue for you, is going to come down to personal preference.

But it isn’t the same, nor is it how it should be.

And as it is so easy to make, it is generally best to dispose of your sauce and make some fresh.

Or, you could always buy some from Amazon and store it away until you next need to use it.

Should You Refrigerate Chimichurri Sauce?

You should refrigerate Chimichurri sauce when it has been made fresh, or if you have opened a store-bought option. The only exception is when you have a sealed store-bought option where you can keep it in a cool environment out of direct sunlight.

For the most part, this is a sauce that should be refrigerated. This is generally considered to be the proper storage method of Chimichurri.

That’s because it will keep it fresh and fragrant for longer; which is what you want after all.

The only deviation here is unopened branded products. They can do quite well in a pantry, cupboard, or drawer – sometimes for several months (and up to the ‘best before date’).

But for fresh options, get it in the fridge.

And just be sure that when you do refrigerate, you place your sauce in a sealed container.

A glass jar or Tupperware are good options here.

And don’t expose it to air unnecessarily only do so when you intend on next using it.

There is one other option, though.

You can actually freeze this sauce if you did want to keep it for longer.

Now, this option is only really appropriate for homemade Chimichurri, or storebought options that have been opened.

Either way, freezing can keep this sauce fresh for up to 3 months.

The recommended approach is to put your Chimichurri into an ice cube tray (in individual slots). From there, you can place the tray into a freezer or ziplock bag and label it – for reference.

That way, you can use as many cubes as you need the next time you intend on using it.

When it comes to defrosting, well you’ll either need to get it out of the freezer the night before you intend on using it and keep it in the fridge.

The other option is to place it in a microwavable dish and put it on a defrosting setting.


Chimichurri is a fantastically delicious and versatile sauce. It just goes with so many different foods and dishes.

The problem is however, it doesn’t last long.

Especially if you are making it from scratch.

Thankfully, there are many delicious options on the market, or it is relatively quick and easy to make a new batch.

So, if in doubt, do throw it out.

This sauce is best when it’s fresh!

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