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How Long Does Kewpie Mayo Last?

Have or looking to purchase a bottle of Kewpie mayonnaise. Wondering how long you can keep it before you need, or should, throw it away? Here is what you need to know.

So, how long does Kewpie mayo last? Kewpie mayonnaise typically lasts for between 10-12 months before opening and if stored appropriately. After opening, it is recommended to use the mayo up within a month before replacing it. This will help to ensure maximum quality and satisfaction.

Your bottle may even last longer.

But this is the advice taken directly from Kewpie themselves.

And I would like to think they know best.

It is their product, after all.

But what about storing this Japanese brand of mayonnaise – how should you do so.

Let’s find out!

Do You Keep Kewpie Mayo In The Fridge?

It is recommended to keep Kewpie Mayo in the fridge once the bottle has been opened. Before that, you can keep this condiment out of the fridge – so long as it is in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

When it comes to refrigeration, it is further recommended that you keep it on the door shelf.

You know, the little tray that is literally attached to the fridge door.

This will keep the bottle from being exposed to additional cool airflow which may cause the mayo to degrade a little quicker.

But before then and before you open the bottle up for first-time use; you can simply store it away in a cupboard, drawer, or even a pantry.

In fact, this sauce can even be kept at room temperature without spoiling.

How Long Does Kewpie Mayo Last After Opening?

Kewpie sauce typically lasts between 1-3 months after opening. However, it is recommended that you use up the sauce as quickly as possible to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Kewpie actually recommends that it is used up within 1 month after opening.

But some consumers have reported their mayo lasts a little longer than this.

But again, this has a lot to do with how you store it.

Kewpie mayo refrigerated, for instance, will generally last much longer than a bottle kept at room temperature (once opened).

How Long Is Kewpie Mayo Good For In The Fridge?

Kewpie Mayo should be good in the fridge for several months once opened – between 2/3 on average. Of course, this does depend on fridge temperature and where the bottle is kept inside.

Generally, the cooler the fridge, the longer the sauce will last.

Within reason of course; you do not want your mayo or other fridge contents to freeze!

Trust me I’ve been there.

Not good – you usually have to throw things away.

Nevertheless, at a suitable temperature – it is safe to assume that this particular brand lasts for roughly the same amount of time as your typical mayonnaise.

And it should come with a ‘best before’ or ‘best used by date’.

This will give you an initial estimation of when to use the condiment by.

From there you can monitor the sauce and check for signs of spoiling – which typically occur within 1-3 months of opening.

How Do You Know If Kewpie Mayo Is Bad?

There are five main ways to identify that Kewpie mayo has gone bad. The texture will change, there will be some signs of discoloration, the smell will begin to change, it may begin to taste a little sour, and you may even observe mold in or throughout the mayonnaise.

The spoiling of Kewpie mayo will happen slowly and in time.

This is not something that will happen overnight.

And at the same time, there is certainly a recommended order to check for spoiling.

You want to look at the mayo closely and smell it before you continue with the taste test.

Besides, while eating spoiled Kewpie mayo is generally unlikely to make you unwell; it’s never nice to eat food that is past its best!

And I must mention that there is always the possibility of digestive upset. It does contain eggs, after all.

So when looking – you want to watch out for any separation – with liquid sitting on the top.

For discoloration, you want to look out for any darkening.

Just remember that Kewpie mayo is naturally yellow, to begin with.

When smelling, it will likely smell more acidic when the mayo has turned based.

And if you do decide to move onto tasting and it has passed the former tests, any sourness indicated that it’s time to throw it away!


Kewpie Mayo is not the longest-lasting condiment out there.

Having said that, it does typically last a similar amount of time to other brands and recipes of mayonnaise.

If store correctly and appropriately of course.

For the most part, you should get several months of use from this brand.

But if in doubt, or if you do notice it has gone bad, do throw it away.

Besides, you can get this sauce in bulk on Amazon for such a great price.

It really isn’t worth it.

And of course, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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