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How To Store Chimichurri Sauce

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Have some Chimichurri sauce to hand and want to know how to store it. Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a jar, or maybe you’ve even made some up yourself from scratch. Either way, how should you look to preserve this particular sauce and what can you expect regarding its shelf life. Let’s find out!

So, how do you store Chimichurri sauce? The best way to store Chimichurri sauce is in the fridge in an airtight container. Although, it is possible to freeze it too so long as you place it into a freezer bag. Freezing will require defrosting but generally keeps the sauce preserved for much longer – up to 6 months compared to the 5-7 days you can expect in the fridge.

The good news is you have options.

And what you decide to do should mostly depend on your circumstances, such as how much sauce do you have to store, when do you next intend to use it, and are you trying to store a store-bought or homemade recipe.

Nevertheless, let us now explore the storage of this popular Argentinian condiment in much greater detail so you know exactly what to do and when.

How Long Does Chimichurri Sauce Last In The Refrigerator?

Freshly made Chimichurri Sauce will typically last for up to 5-7 days whereas store-bought options may last for up to 2-3 weeks when opened and placed in the refrigerator. After these time-frames, you may notice degradation in the quality.

In reality, freshly made Chimichurri sauce does not typically last anywhere near as long as store-bought options.

It has a lot to do with the freshness of the herbs, and the way that you need to prepare them.

As the days go on, you will soon notice the sauce darkens in color, suggesting that it is starting to go beyond its best.

Best in terms of quality here.

It should still be fine to use.

Besides, the high vinegar content is a natural preservative.

Either way, it is imperative that if you are refrigerating this sauce you get it into an airtight container.

That could be the jar it comes in or a mason jar/bottle or Tupperware you buy.

Just be sure the lid is securely shut.

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Does Chimichurri Go Bad In The Fridge?

Chimichurri sauce will go bad in the fridge even if it is stored in an appropriate airtight container. Generally, this sauce will only last up to one week before you notice signs of degradation.

And these signs will be quite visible.

The sauce will lose its vibrant color and will become quite dark and dull.

And then onto the taste.

It just will not taste as fresh or as good as it did, to begin with.

Besides, the pungent earthiness just won’t be there.

And that’s what this sauce is all about!

Can You Freeze Leftover Chimichurri?

You can freeze leftover Chimichurri, so long as you are able to use freezer bags and keep the sauce airtight. That being said, it’s not recommended to refreeze previously frozen and defrosted Chimichurri sauce.

But, you can certainly store it frozen the first time around,

In fact, in many ways, it makes sense if you want to keep it for upwards of 1 week.

You should get around 3 months of preservation with freezing too, so it really does extend the shelf life.

When it comes to freezing, you’ll often recommendations to use ice cube trays inside a freezer bag.

The idea here is that you can portion out your Chimichurri sauce, and when it comes to defreezing and using, you only take as many ice cubes as you need.

And here’s one other tip.

Be sure to label that freezer bag – so you know that your Chimichurri sauce is inside!

You don’t want to lose it or open it unnecessarily.

In fact, write the date you froze it to so you know when to use it.

And one last tip – keep it toward the back of the freezer. That will help prevent any thawing.


Chimichurri is not the longest-lasting sauce.

Especially if you make it fresh.

But regardless of whether you do follow a recipe or buy it pre-made, the way you store it is vital.

The fridge is best, followed by the freezer if you do not intend to use it in a while

Sure, for store-bought options you can leave it in a pantry, or cool place out of direct sunlight if you are yet to open it.

But even then, you shouldn’t leave this sauce hanging around for long.

And once you do decide to crack the lid – it should be straight into the fridge from there on in.

The truth is, this sauce does not store particularly well.

It’s just better when you use it.

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