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Where To Buy Tzatziki Sauce

Need some Tzatziki but are not sure where to find it? Can you pop down to the grocery store or is it a little more difficult to find? Here are all of your options.

So, where can you buy Tzatziki Sauce? Ready-made Tzatziki sauce is available at most grocery stores, including the larger retail chains. Equally, local greek markets or specialized online greek food retailers are your other main options.

You shouldn’t be short of options.

And that’s great news.

This wonderfully light, creamy, and refreshing sauce pairs so well with various different foods.

It’s immensely versatile and Tzatziki just tastes so good!

But onto the sourcing of the sauce.

Let’s look at the specifics so you know where to go and what to expect.

Where Can You Find Tzatziki In The Grocery Store?

The most likely place to find Tzatziki in the grocery store is in the refrigeration section since this sauce is made with yogurt which in turn needs to be kept sufficiently cool.

Specifically, you may want to check near the cheese or dairy section, or the general produce section which also will likely contain other yogurt-based products, sauces, dips, and/or dressings.

The only real exception here would be the organic section.

If you are looking for organic Tzatziki then the grocery store may have an independent section for such goods.

How Much Does Tzatziki Cost?

The average pot of Tzatziki will typically cost between $3-$5, depending on the size, brand, and where you buy it.

Naturally, organic options or any brands that market as being of higher quality will likely be more expensive than this.

And that’s if you buy from a physical store.

If you buy online, then you may need to pay for delivery if you do not spend the minimum required for free delivery (and if they offer this promotion at all).

Nevertheless, it tends to work out slightly more expensive when you buy online.

But then, you are paying for convenience!

Best Places To Buy Tzatziki Sauce

The best places to buy Tzatziki include your local large, national grocery stores, as well as any independent or Greek-inspired marketed and stores (whether physical locations or online.)

For me, I wouldn’t look any further than the major grocery store chains.

This includes the likes of Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Safeway, Target, Costco, Whole Foods, and several more.

You should find various options at each one – including various serving sizes depending on your requirements.

I couldn’t find any Tzatziki on Amazon, although you can get various spice mixes, seasonings, and similar dressings over there.

Beyond this, a simple Google search of something like “buy Tzatziki online” will likely provide you with a number of different online websites and outlets.

Just be mindful of where you are shopping and take all the costs into account.


Ready-made Tzatziki is readily available.

This isn’t the most difficult sauce to find.

And if you cant find it – you really shouldn’t dispair.

And here is why.

This sauce is so easy to make.

It might even be easier to make some from fresh yourself.

The ingredient list is incredibly short if you follow most recipes.

This sauce typically only includes Greek-style yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, and sometimes olive oil.

So do consider that, instead.

And all of which can be found at any grocery store, large or otherwise.

So if there is none on the shelf, you can’t find it or you fancy something extra fresh – make some yourself.

Recipes can be easily found online and it will only take you a mere couple of minutes!

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Can You Get Tzatziki At Walmart?

You can purchase ready-to-consume Tzatziki at Walmart from the refrigerated area of the produce section. They sell numerous brands and sizes, including Marketside and Grecian Delight brands.