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What Sauce Does McDonalds Have?

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Are you eating at McDonald’s but not sure what sauces they have? Do you want to be aware of your options before you place your order? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I spent some time researching the menu and speaking with McDonalds directly to find out. Here is what you want to know.

So, what sauce does McDonalds have? McDonalds offers six different dipping sauces (Tangy Barbecue, Spicy Buffalo, Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey, Sweet ‘n Sour), and four regular condiments (Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise and Tartar). Additionally, extra sauces can be found in select menu items. For instance, Big Macs contain Big Mac sauce.

The McDonalds sauce ‘section’ is essentially split up.

Dipping sauce vs condiments.

That’s essentially how you need to imagine it.

Let us now look at how they differ and how to choose what one to have!

Dipping Sauces and Condiments At McDonalds

McDonalds offers six dipping sauces and four different condiments.

The idea is, that the dipping sauces work best with McNuggets and Chicken Tenders/Selects.

Whereas the condiments are much more general; you can add these to burgers, or use them for your fries too.

Nevertheless, your condiments are your more typical sauces.

You know of these – they are offered in pretty much all restaurants and you likely have them at home.

We all know what ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard taste like, for instance.

The dipping sauces are a little different.

Let us now look at what each of them tastes lie.

What Do McDonalds Dipping Sauces Taste Like?

The dipping sauces at McDonalds differ quite a bit in regards to flavor. Here is what you can expect from each one:

  • Tangy Barbecue: a sweet hickory smoke flavor, vinegar, and savory spices.
  • Spicy Buffalo: a peppery salt and vinegar-flavored sauce, with a slight buttery note and developing heat.
  • Creamy Ranch: is a mildly tart ranch sauce with a savory onion and garlic flavor.
  • Honey Mustard: blends zesty dijon mustard with sweet notes of honey.
  • Honey: sweet and syrupy –
  • Sweet’N Sour: is a sweet and sour apricot and peach-flavored sauce with savory spices and slight lingering heat.

So now you know what to expect, which one is the best?

Whats The Best Dipping Sauce At McDonalds?

The best dipping sauce at McDonalds is subjective; it depends on your personal preferences and most importantly, what you are eating it with!

Nevertheless, Honey Mustard and Buffalo appear to be popular favorites among many sites and polls on the question.

And below, I outline what each sauce tends to go best and pair well with on the menu:

  • Tangy Barbecue: burgers, fries, chicken – essentially anything that you would like to add some smokiness.
  • Spicy Buffalo: Chicken tenders and McNuggets. It tastes great in a McChicken aswell.
  • Creamy Ranch: McNuggets, tenders/selects, and chicken sandwiches.
  • Honey Mustard: All chicken options on the menu!
  • Honey: desert items only – such as apple pie.
  • Sweet’N Sour: McNuggests essentially. Perhaps tenders/selects but McNuggets first and foremost!

These are my recommendations but the only real way to know what you like is to give it a go and to try them with different menu items.

Within reason of course; I probably wouldn’t recommend adding honey to a filet-o-fish.

Can You Buy McDonalds Sauce?

McDonalds sauces are only available in Mcdonalds’ restaurants; often free of charge as they come included with your order. That being said, some McDonalds restaurants may charge for their sauces if you ask for additional, or depending on what you order.

There is not one definitive answer here.

McDonalds is a franchise, after all.

And therefore it is up to them whether they charge for their sauces or not.

And this policy does seem to differ worldwide.

So, the only real way to know is at the time of ordering.

And it is best to check first as it does seem somewhat order-dependent.

If you order a meal, for example, you should have a choice of dipping sauces.

But you may need to pay if you want several dipping sauce options.

Sometimes not.

But it has happened.

And then there are the condiments.

Some McDonalds keep it behind the counter, whereas others have a station to pick this up readily.

But then you have drive-thrus to consider too.

So it all really does depend on the circumstances.

Where you are, individual restaurant policy, and of course – the staff.


Six dipping sauces, four condiments = 10 different sauces at Mcdonald’s.

At least directly specified.

There are 11 if you count Big Mac sauce, but you cannot order that – it is only available in that burger.

Nevertheless, there are certainly several options that suit different menu items and taste preferences.

So do try them out.

See what you prefer.

Besides, it’s always an excuse to make another order!

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