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Who Makes Mcdonalds BBQ Sauce?

McDonald’s BBQ sauce is pretty special. So much so that you are probably wondering who makes it. It would help. That way you would know where to get some. Here is what you will want to know.

So, who makes McDonald’s BBQ sauce? McDonald’s makes their own BBQ sauce, it is manufactured and then sold within their restaurants only and directly. The McDonald’s sauce packaging will clearly state that it is indeed McDonald’s own brand; otherwise, it is likely an individualy owned, and not corporate, brand.

I’ve never seen a knock-off, but I am sure it exists.

Why – because this sauce is just so good!

It’s a popular favorite – particularly with nuggets.

No real surprise that they rebranded it to “BBQ Dip”.

The clues in the title are there.

But now we know that McDonald’s control the supply chain of their sauce, what does this all mean for getting our hands on some.

Let’s find out!

Do They Sell McDonald’s BBQ Sauce?

McDonald’s BBQ sauce is not sold anywhere other than in their own restaurants. You typically can get 1-4 free BBQ sauces with your meal, and any additional must be purchased at a cost per additional sauce.

It really depends on the McDonalds you go to, what you order, and the individual behind the counter.

McDonald’s has their policies but how many free sauces you get really does depend on the staff.

And the value of your order.

Sometimes you may be able to ask for a few more extra, and the staff will willingly oblige.

Other times you may be asked to pay a little for the additional sauce.

This is a franchise, after all

One thing is for sure though is that you cannot realistically buy this sauce in bulk.

For instance, you cannot buy it from their BBQ sauce listing page on their website online.

And if you can buy it elsewhere online, I’d be suspect.

Who knows what the sauce is and where it came from. Not recommended.

What Is In McDonald’s BBQ Sauce?

What is in McDonald’s BBQ sauce that makes it so good? Besides, perhaps knowing this can help us find alternatives or even make a similar recipe at home.

Well, here are the ingredients:

Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Tomato Puree, Water, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Spirit Vinegar, Modified Maize Starch, Salt, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Rapeseed Oil, Smoke Flavourings, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Spices (contain Allergen Ingredient:MUSTARD).

Looks quite tricky to replicate.

And with no indication of the amounts of each ingredient – it would be very tricky to get it right.

Besides, these are not ingredients we have lying around and may even prove a challenge to find.

So, the real alternative is buying another brand.

One that is similar.

Of course, you could look to make your own BBQ sauce still, and there are many knock-off recipes.

However, I’ve tried a few and many just don’t have the flavors that remind me of that rich, sweet Mcdonald’s sauce!

So below, I’m going to outline what I believe is a good alternative that you can buy for home use.

What Is The Closest Thing To McDonalds BBQ Sauce?

The best BBQ sauces that are most similar to McDonald’s BBQ sauce are either Sweet Baby Rays Original, or Heinz Original BBQ sauce.

As you can see, you want to stick to the original versions of the sauce.

When you begin researching for these brands, you’ll soon see dozens of variations on these sauces.

While they are great, they are not actually too similar to McDonald’s BBQ sauce.

So while I do recommend you try them in time, you’re going to want to buy the originals first and foremost.

For me, I personally love Sweet Baby Rays. I get it in bulk for a great price on Amazon.

It’s award-winning, after all.

I also found a great deal for the Heinz original BBQ sauce over at Amazon.

If you take a look at the Amazon product listing, you’ll soon see all the positive reviews of this sauce.

So again, certainly, one to try.


McDonald’s make their own BBQ sauce, and many other of their own sauces for that matter.

No surprise really, they’re such a huge company.

It actually makes sense that they control their own manufacturing, distribution, and product lines.

But it does mean that we cannot purchase this sauce outside of the restaurant setting.

While you may get the odd few free with a meal or order, you’re not really going to be able to stock up.

Sure you might be able to purchase a few on top – but that would get pricey.

So, I would thoroughly recommend that you give Sweet Baby Rays or Heinz BBQ sauce a try.

You can buy it for a much more economical price.

And they taste amazing – very similar to McDonald’s.

And then hopefully – you have a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce for everyday use.

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