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Is Duck Sauce Gluten Free?

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If you need or want to avoid gluten, you have to be particularly careful with sauces. But you likely know that anyway – that’s why you’re here. But duck sauce in particular. Does this usually contain this problematic wheat protein? Let’s find out!

So, is duck sauce gluten-free? Most brands and recipes of duck sauce should be naturally gluten-free. Although, restaurant and takeaway duck sauce likely are not. This is usually due to the cross-contamination with other foods, or the cleaning utensils and pots they use during cooking.

Not always so simple then.

Like a lot of things in life!

Most of the time you should be okay, but not always.

But so we truly understand why duck sauce can be safely consumed, it helps to know what’s included in the recipe!

From there we can look at some specific options if you are cooking at home – so keep reading!

What Is Duck Sauce Made Of?

Duck sauce is typically made of plums, apricots, pineapples, or peaches added to sugar, vinegar, ginger, and chili peppers. Sometimes natural flavorings are used along with additives such as cornstarch, for texture.

Ultimately, it depends on where you get your duck sauce from.

Duck sauce made from scratch will typically be made from fresh and minimal ingredients.

At the same time, jarred options and those available in the stores may use a slight variation on the ingredients; with fructose corn syrup being used instead of, or along with sugar, for instance.

Either way, for the most part, you’ll notice that this is a gluten-free option.

And interestingly, there is no duck in the recipe either!

Interestingly, it is widely believed that the name originates from the types of food the sauce was eaten with.

Not of the ingredients themselves.

What Duck Sauce Is Gluten Free?

Most duck sauces should be gluten-free, with the exception of some restaurants and takeaway options.

When it comes to looking for brands you can buy for home use, most of the sauces on the market do appear to be okay.

As it is always advisable to check the label first, let us run through a few of the main brands available over at Amazon to see why.

Up first, we have the popular Mee Tu brand; here is the full ingredients list:

Apricots, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, modified corn starch, vinegar, salt, water, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate (preservatives), spice and natural flavor

Then there is the other popular Ty Ling Naturals Duck sauce brand:

Sugar, water, apricots, distilled vinegar, corn starch, salt, citric acid, spices, xanthan gum

Lastly, we have the Golds Sweet & Sour brand:

Peaches, sugar, dextrose, water, vinegar, salt, paprika, stablizer and spices.

So that’s three of the major brands there.

And you start to see a similar pattern emerging.

Besides, in the allergen information section on each product page, you’ll see they are all stated as gluten-free in the allergen section too.

Take a look for yourself, by visiting this duck sauce search on Amazon.

But what about outside of Amazon?

Well, you’re going to need to closely check the label.

Some products will state specifically they are gluten-free. Perhaps even being marketed as a gluten-free option.

Others you’ll need to skim through the full ingredient list more finally.

But thankfully, this recipe for the most part needn’t contain wheat or other gluten-containing grains.

When It comes to eating out, or getting a takeaway – well, first and foremost you could always ask.

They should be able to confirm exactly what is used in their sauces. It’s a legal requirement after all.

But just consider the cross-contamination issue.

Sometimes it’s really not worth the risk.

Especially when you can make a simple, duck sauce with just 2 ingredients and under 5 minutes with the following recipe!

Gluten-Free Duck Sauce Recipe

Gluten-Free Duck Sauce Recipe

Gluten-Free Duck Sauce Recipe

This Gluten-Free Duck sauce only requires 2 ingredients and 5 minutes of your time!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 3 Tablespoons of Gluten Free Apricot Jam - I love this one from Amazon.
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons of red wine or white vinegar


  1. In a small bowl, add the jam and wine/vinegar and whisk together with a fork until well blended.
  2. Use right away or store in a sealed, airtight container in the fridge - perhaps back in the jam jar, for up to 2 weeks.


Duck sauce is mostly gluten-free.

But we cannot definitively confirm that this is the case for every brand, recipe, or restaurant.

A lot has to do with how they cook, not just what they include.

It’s just the way it is, I’m afraid.

So do be willing to check, inquire and ask.

And do plan ahead.

If it’s a takeaway, for instance, you could even whip together that easy recipe before placing your order.

Or just buy and keep some Mee Tu in the fridge. That’s probably the easiest.

Wondering what other sauces contain gluten? Then the following guides may be for you:

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