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What Sauce Does KFC Have?

Are you planning on visiting a KFC and want to know what sauces you can get with your meal? Well, here are all of the different options available.

So, what sauce does KFC have? KFC offers six dipping sauces (KFC Sauce, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Classic Ranch, Hot Sauce, Ketchup) along with four packet sauces that are available for breakfast items (Grape Jelly, Honey Sauce, Lemon Juice, Strawberry Jam).

So you are looking at ten sauces and condiments, in total.

At least at the time of writing.

Although, you wouldn’t want to use them all for every menu item.

Certainly not pairing some of those together, either.

And not to mention, some menu items do also come with their own sauces too (which are not available to order).

The likes of the sauce in the Zinger burger, come to mind.

And just remember, we are talking about the US menu here.

I believe that in the UK you can order dips with your meal too, including: Supercharger Dip, Real Tomato Dip, Sweet Chilli Dip, Kentucky Smokey BBQ Dip, and Garlic Buttermilk Mayo Dip.

Just take that into account.

What’s The Best KFC Sauce?

The best sauce at KFC will vary based on personal preferences along with what you are ordering. That being said, the KFC sauce is a popular favorite due to the fact that it combines the best of their BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Honey BBQ sauces.

It’s a signature sauce for a reason.

And it’s literally called KFC sauce; so that says a lot about it.

It is creamy in flavor, but also provides sweetness and a subtle smokey tang.

What more could you ask for in a sauce?

Does KFC Still Have Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce?

KFC no longer sells their iconic Finger Lickin’ Good sauce. This is in response to the global pandemic that began in 2019.

The sauce has been officially retired and at the time of writing, there are no plans or intentions to bring it back.

To begin with, it appeared to be a temporary pause. However, due to the developments since 2019, it is unlikely that this slogan will ever reappear at this fast-food chain.

That being said, KFC sauce was added to the menu in its place.


You have quite a few options for sauces at KFC. Six, in fact.

All of which really do provide a lot of flavor.

But if you are looking for a recommendation, then do give the KFC sauce a try.

It’s been designed to be the signature sauce. It hasn’t gained that status without reason.

So order away and give it a try.

You shan’t be disappointed.

At least, I hope.

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