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What Sauce Does Popeyes Have?

Are you looking for a sauce to pair with your fried chicken down at Popeyes? Wondering what they have available? Well, here are the ones you need to be aware of.

So, what sauces do Popeyes have? Popeyes has nine signature dipping sauces. These are Bayou Buffalo, BoldBQ, Blackend Ranch, Buttermilk Ranch, Mardi Gras Mustard, Sweet Heat, Tartar, and Creole Cocktail. They also serve two additional signature sources, Barbeque and Creamy Horseradish.

So, eleven sauces in total to try and to enjoy.

All of which just pairs so nicely with nuggets, tenders, or fries!

But what is the best to order?

Let’s find out!


What Is The Best Dipping Sauce At Popeyes?

The best dipping sauce at Popeyes depends on your personal preference along with what you order. That being said, Sweet Heat and Blackend Ranch appear to be the most popular favorites among customers.

In fact, I noticed a poll over at Reddit and decided to do some calculations.

Here are the results:

32% of the votes to Sweet Heat, with Blackend Ranch closely followed behind with 24%.

Now just consider this is a sample size of 25 votes, (so that’s an 8 vs 6) but it does give us some insight into some popular favorites.

Besides, it was posted in the Popeyes subreddit, after all.

Can You Buy Popeyes Sauce?

It is not currently possible to buy Popeye sauces. The only way to consume them is by ordering with your meal.

That being said, if you really cannot wait, or cannot get down to a Popeyes, there are plenty of copycat recipes online that you can try!

Of course, you may not have the ingredients to hand and they are unlikely to truly taste like the authentic real thing, but they are certainly worth a shot.

At least for the experience of it!

Popeye Sauces Nutrition

Below I document the nutrition found in each sauce, that may be helpful for reference:

Popeye SauceCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g) Sugars (g)
Bayou Buffalo740160
Blackend Ranch1181311
Buttermilk Ranch1501531
Mardi Gras Mustard95954
Sweet Heat7301915
Creole Cocktail30074

Please note, the sauces that are higher in fat are naturally more creamy, those that are higher in carbs are naturally sweet and higher in sugars.


There are eleven sauces at Popeyes; nine of which sit in the signature sauce category.

All of which provide something a little different.

So, do give each of these a try and see what you like best with your fried chicken for yourself!

Although if you are after a recommendation, the Sweet Heat and Blackend Ranch are great sauces to try first!

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