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Why Is Sriracha So Good?

There are some sauces that we just cannot stop eating. Whether we increase our consumption over time or just seem to go for it at every given opportunity. Sriracha is certainly one of them. But why do we tend to love this spicy sauce so much? There is actually a reason behind it. Let’s now see why.

So, why is Sriracha so good? Sriracha tastes so good due to the combination of sweet and spicy flavors. Salt, sugar, and garlic give this sauce its bold taste. At the same time, the chillis give the sauce its heat, while also containing a chemical called Capsaicin. This is scientifically proven to release endorphins and dopamine following consumption.

So, this sauce physically makes you feel good after eating it.

And it’s all down to chemicals that get flooded into your brain.

It literally triggers neurons, according to this study by nature.

And then there is the sugar and salt.

A combination that is also proven to work so well together.

So really, this is a very well-put-together recipe; there is a reason why we continue to reach for the bottle!

Why Is Sriracha The Best?

Sriracha is a hugely popular and much-loved sauce due to its rich flavors and versatility – you can use this sauce with so many dishes and food items.

And then there is the consistency too; it is quite a thick sauce which also prevents it from spilling everywhere (and out of a sandwich or burger too). It’s spreadable, at least.

Then there is the fact that most brands of the sauce are vegan/vegetarian, and it rarely spoils too.

You don’t even necessarily need to leave Sriracha in the fridge.

It’s long-lasting, and therefore it’s economical too.

And we’ve already touched upon the taste.

Chances are, you’ve already tried it and know this already.

Besides, it packs heat but is not overly spicy like some hot sauces on the market are.

And then lastly, sriracha is widely available with various different brands on the market.

Some of the recipes differ a little too, and you even get variations like Sriracha Aioli.

This makes it quite an exciting sauce as you can find one you like and even mix it up a little too!

Can You Get Addicted To Sriracha?

Sriracha sauce is not addictive in a scientific sense, at least compared to other addictive substances such as caffeine or nicotine. However, as it tastes so good and does release feel-good hormones, you can easily find yourself consuming more and more as time goes on.

But this is usually from the enjoyment and taste sensation the sauce brings.

You won’t go through a withdrawal if you stop eating Sriracha, at least.

You may be a little disappointed, find other sauces inferior.

You may even feel the need to go out and quickly replace the bottle.

But this will not be from a dependency standpoint.

You could continue to live your life, without suffering the sweats or other challenging periods of addiction that some substances can bring.

Just as you can go without eating spicy food or other condiments once you finish using them.

Nevertheless, this sauce does taste so good.

Chances are once you’ve bought a bottle you’ll continue to do so going forward.

At least that was the case for me.


Sriracha sauce; its a winner.

And it’s been finely crafted and formulated to taste so good.

And it’s not just a coincidence that you feel so good following consumption.

That’ll be the chillis and the compounds they contained.

And if you notice your consumption going up; you don’t need to be concerned about addiction.

But do try other sauces from time to time.

Besides, you otherwise won’t know what you’re missing.

And there came a time when Sriracha was new for you too.