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What Sauces Does Hat Creek Have?

Are you heading down to the Hat Creek Burger Company? Well, you’re probably wondering what sauces they have available and what you can order along with your food. Here are the options.

So, what sauces does Hat Creek have? Hat Creek offers six different sauces. These are Ranch, Honey Mustard, Fry Sauce, BBQ sauce, and their signature sauces, Happy sauce and Hat sauce.

And then there are five other condiments on the menu too.

Not technically sauces in the true sense of the word, but certainly will add flavor and are included in the ‘sauces’ section of the menu nonetheless.

These are Balsamic vinegar, Salsa – Serrano Yellowbird, Red Salsa, Vinaigrette, and Blue Cheese Dressing.

So you are not short of options down at Hat Creek.

And it’s always good when a restaurant has signature sauces.

And if you are looking for a recommendation, the Hat sauce is the one to try for sure.

But what brands of sauce do Hat Creek use and do you have to pay for them?

Let’s find out!

What Brands Of Sauce Does Hat Creek Use?

Hat Creek make all of their sauces fresh in each restaurant location. Therefore each sauce is homemade and based on the companies own bespoke signature recipes.

And in fact, each sauce has an interesting story behind it.

The Happy sauce, which is mustard-based, is based on the founder’s mother-in-law’s family recipe.

The Fry Sauce is based on the founders own experiences eating burgers across numerous burger establishments in Idaho.

Do You Have To Pay For Sauces At Hat Creek?

Sauces at Hat Creek come free with each meal order. Although, you may need to pay for additional servings or for multiple servings depending on the location, your order, and the staff working.

Hat Creek Sauce Allergen Info

Hat Creek SauceDairyEggSoyPeanut Wheat
Honey Mustard✔️✔️
Fry Sauce✔️✔️
BBQ sauce
Happy sauce✔️✔️✔️
Hat sauce✔️✔️

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