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How To Open Cholula Hot Sauce

Have you bought a bottle of Cholula hot sauce but not show how to even open it? Wondering why this particular condiment has a wooden cap and what you need to do to remove it? You’ve come to the right place. This is all you need to do.

So, how do you open Cholula hot sauce? To open a bottle of Cholula sauce, you first need to remove the plastic film around the wood cap. There should be a serrated edge that enables you to do so. From there, hold the wooden cap firmly and twist in an anti-clockwise motion to remove it completely from the bottle.

And in doing so, you’ll be ready to use this sauce.

You’ll notice there is quite a large opening, so be sure to pour slowly.

Otherwise, you are going to be using quite a lot – this sauce is quite runny after all.

But why does this hot sauce used a wooden cap whereas others do not?

Let’s find out!

Why Does Cholula Have A Wooden Cap?

Cholula uses a wooden cap purely as a way to differentiate their sauce! There is no other reason for it, but to make the product more recognizable, unique, and to stand out from other hot sauces on the market.

It certainly does the trick.

This beechwood cap has been used on the sauce ever since it launched back in 1989, and it still continues to do so to this day.


So there you have it.

How to remove this celebrated wooden cap and why this bottle even has one to begin with!

Just remember that once you remove the plastic, the wood cap will come off much easier and with less force.

And a little goes a long way – is rich and complex in flavor, so be careful on the pour!

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