What Is Sriracha Aioli?

Come across Sriracha Aioli in the condiment aisle or when browsing online. Not sure what this sauce is? Well, here is what you are going to want to know.

So, what is Sriracha Aioli? Sriracha aioli is a hot, red chili pepper sauce with a distinctive garlic kick. It is also typically quite creamy in texture and consistency as it is often typically made up of garlic-infused mayonnaise. This makes the sauce a lighter orange in color.

Sounds good right.

You bet it does.

In fact, it’s delicious.

Besides, who doesn’t like garlic?

It just gives it that additional flavor that’s great for all sorts of dishes and foods. As we will soon see.

Besides, chances are, you still have some questions.

So let’s now look at them so you know exactly what you are getting before you commit to this exotic sauce!

What Is Sriracha Aioli Made Of?

While the exact ingredient list of Sriracha Aioli differs by recipe or brand, this sauce is commonly made with sriracha (red hot chili, distilled vinegar, salt) mayonnaise, garlic, lemon/lime juice, and sometimes a few additional spices.

Nevertheless, as the name suggests this sauce is based on the original Sriracha recipe.

And that only has three ingredients as we can see referenced above.

From there, this sauce is merely combining garlic and mayonnaise (aka, Aioli).

Now of course some brands and store-bought options can differ or range somewhat, but the base of the recipe and the sauce typically remains the same.

What Does Sriracha Aioli Taste Like?

Sriracha Aioli has the kick of a hot chili sauce, with the creamy consistency and taste of garlic mayonnaise.

It’s still quite hot, so if you find the original too much you will likely find this too hot as well.

Unless you use less sauce.

But, it is quite garlicy too.

You definitely get those notes pulling through.

Another way of imagining the taste is like spicy mayonnaise.

What Do You Eat Sriracha Aioli With?

You can eat Sriracha Aioli with a range of different dishes, although it’s a great condiment for sandwiches or burgers. The flavors seem to go well with different meats and spread well on bread making it ideal for this particular meal.

But this sauce is very versatile.

It works as a great dipping sauce too – for vegetables or chips.

Or you can simply drizzle it over stir fry, over grilled fish or fries.

Salad, rice, or even glazing shrimp; these are all possibilities too.

For me, I love it with steak but that’s just my personal preference.

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If you were unaware of what Sriracha Aioli was before you landed here today, hopefully, I’ve managed to clarify it for you.

If you’ve tried regular Sriracha and regular Aoili (garlic mayonnaise) before, you may have a pretty good idea of what it would look and taste like.

Otherwise just imagine the spiciness of a hot sauce, with the creaminess of garlic mayonnaise.

Besides, it’s essentially just an infusion of the two!