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What Sauces Does The Habit Burger Grill Have?

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Are you heading down to The Habit Burger Grill for one of their award-winning Charburgers? Perhaps you’re ordering some sides too, and need a sauce to finish off your meal. But what options for sauces do you have available to you? Let’s find out!

So, what sauces does The Habit Burger Grill have? The Habit Burger Grill offers six different sauces. These are BBQ sauce, Mayonnaise, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Spicy Red Pepper Sauce (otherwise known as Boom sauce), Tartar Sauce, and Teriyaki Sauce.

And then there are seven dressings, available for the Habit salads too.

These are Blue Cheese Dressing, Caesar Salad Dressing, House Dressing, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Sweet Mustard Dressing (which is Vegan), Thousand Island Dressing, and Fat-Free Italian Dressing (at some locations).

So you’re not short of options when it comes to condiments.

But you likely have other questions and queries on sauces at this fast-food burger chain.

So let us now look at the main ones!

Habit Burger Grill

What Sauce Is On A Habit Burger?

Most Habit Burgers include Mayonnaise by default. This includes the Santa Barbara Char, Charburger (& Double Char), Original Impossible, and BBQ Bacon Char. However, the Portabella Char includes Roasted Garlic Aioli (garlic mayonnaise) instead, whereas the Teriyaki Char also includes Teriyaki sauce.

Does Habit Burger Have Fry Sauce?

Habit Burger does not currently offer Fry Sauce.

What Is Boom Sauce At The Habit?

Boom Sauce at the Habit is a Spicy Red Pepper Sauce. It is creamy and based on Mayonnaise.

The Habit Burger Sauce Nutrition

The Habit Burger SauceServing SizeCaloriesTotal Fat (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)
BBQ Sauce2 Tbsp60015240
Mayonnaise1 Tbsp 10012050
Roasted Garlic Aioli2 Tbsp180211280
Spicy Red Pepper Sauce (Boom sauce)2 Tbsp15017315
Tartar Sauce2 Tbsp160171190
Teriyaki Sauce2 Tbsp33408700

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