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What Sauces Does Little Caesars Have?

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Are you planning on ordering pizza from Little Caesars? wondering what sauces they have available and that you can get along with it? Well, here are the various different options available.

So, what sauces does Little Caesars have? Little Caesars offers nine different sauces, three of which are wing sauces (Buffalo Wing, BBQ Wing, and Garlic Parmesan Wing). There are three dipping sauces: Cheezy Jalapeno, Buffalo Ranch, Butter Garlic, and three other sauces on the menu: Cheddar Cheese, Crazy sauce, and Zip Sauce.

So you certainly have choices.

And then there are Parmesan cheese packets and Veggie seasonings too.

But what you decide upon will depend largely on your preferences, and of course, what you order.

For instance, Crazy Sauce is the only dip designed to be eaten specifically with Pizza.

But, all the other dips can compliment not just pizza, but chicken wings and other sides too!

How Much Are Sauces At Little Caesars?

Sauces at Little Caesars range in price. Each pot of Crazy sauce is $1 each. Caesar Dips (Butter Garlic, Buffalo Ranch, Ranch, and Cheezy Jalapeno are $0.59 each. The cheddar cheese sauce is the most expensive at $1.29 per serving.

Related Questions

What Sauce Does Little Caesars Use For The Wings?

Little Caesars uses three different sauces for their wings: BBQ, Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan. Each is a different menu item. Although, oven-roasted wings at Little Caesars are plain and do not have any sauce. These are the wings to order if you wanted to add your own sauce, or another sauce from the menu, e.g. crazy sauce.

Does Little Caesars Use Pizza Sauce?

Little Caesars does use Pizza sauce on their pizzas by default, which is made from California crushed tomatoes. However, if you did not want pizza sauce, then you could exclude this by creating your own pizza and selecting “no sauce” in the ‘More Options’ section.

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