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What Sauces Does Checkers Have?

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Are you heading down to Checkers for some food? Wondering what sauces they offer along with their menu items? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all of the options they have.

So, what sauces does Checkers have? Checkers have a total of ten sauces on the menu. These are Angry Buffalo, Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauce, Medium Buffalo, Parmesan Garlic, Ranch Dressing, BBQ sauce, Franks Buffalo Hot sauce, Blue Cheese dipping sauce, Honey Mustard dipper, and Ranch dipping sauce.

Of course, not all of these sauces go with every menu item.

So let us break them down into the different categories so you get a better idea of what to order them with!

Checker Wing Sauces

  • Angry Buffalo
  • Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Medium Buffalo Sauce
  • Parmesan Garlic

Checker Burger Sauces

  • Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Ranch Dressing

Checker Dipper Sauces

  • BBQ Sauce Dipper
  • Frank’s® Buffalo Hot Sauce Dipper
  • Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce,
  • Honey Mustard Dipper,
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce Dipper.

Checker Seasonings

  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Checkers Sauce Nutrition

NameServing Size
CaloriesTotal Fat
Total Carbs
Angry Buffalo1 fl oz1001770
Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce 1 fl oz 80017290
Medium Buffalo Sauce1 fl oz 501870
Parmesan Garlic1 fl oz 160171320
Ranch Dressing1 fl oz 150144240
BBQ Sauce Dipper1 each pc60015300
Frank’s® Buffalo Hot Sauce Dipper1 each pc 1001730
Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce1 each pc 230242450
Honey Mustard Dipper1 each pc 160164135
Ranch Dipping Sauce Dipper1 each pc 210232440

Related Questions

Does Checkers Have Buffalo Sauce?

Checkers offer two different types of Buffalo sauce; Andry Buffalo and Franks Hot Buffalo sauce.

Does Checkers Have BBQ Sauce?

Checkers offers two types of BBQ sauce; one for their wings and burgers and another as a dipper.

Does Checkers Have Hot Sauce?

Checkers does offer a hot sauce; this is Frank’s® Buffalo Hot Sauce.

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