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What Is Bitchin Sauce?

Any sauce with a name like Bitchin sauce gets attention. It also doesn’t give any clues away in terms of its flavor or what to expect. So what is it exactly? What can you expect from this sauce and how can you use it? Well, here is everything you are going to want to know about this uniquely named condiment.

So, what is Bitchin sauce? Bitchin sauce is a creamy and savory sauce made from a base of water and almonds. While there is an ‘original’ flavor which is often synonymous with the sauce, there are actually 15 flavors and variations in the product range. It has a relatively thick texture and is often served as a dip, or used as a marinade, or spread.

The name of the sauce is actually in homage to where it all began.

And before your mind goes there; ‘Bitchin’ is a Californian translation of the word ‘awesome’, by the way – it’s nothing sinister.

And that makes a lot of sense, given this sauce originates and is made in Carlsbad, California.

In fact, it’s a family-owned business too.

They’ve come a long way from selling their almond-based dips at farmers’ markets in and around the San Diego area.

And their product range has expanded a long way from that first, original (‘OG’) sauce.

There are now many different Bitchin sauces available; each offering a different twist on that original recipe.

So let us now go through them one by one so you know what to expect from each sauce, should you be wanting to give them a try!

Products In The Bitchin Sauce Range

There are currently fifteen different Bitchin sauces. Eight make up the classic range, a further four make up the organic range and they also offer three different sweet variations too.

Below you can find all the products in the range and a quick overview of what to expect from each one.

Classic Range

  • Original – creamy lemon and garlic,
  • Chipotle – bold and smoky, with a hint of heat,
  • Cilantro Chili – fresh and zesty,
  • Pesto – nutty and herby,
  • Bombay – a blend of mild, aromatic spices,
  • Heat – hot – a blend of Habanero and Ghost peppers
  • Roasted Eggplant – garlicy and creamy,
  • Caramelized Onion – tangy and sweet.

Organic Range

  • Buffalo – savory with hints of garlic and spice,
  • Green Onion – zesty with onion notes,
  • Roasted Green Chile and Pepita – smooth and mild,
  • Spinach Artichoke – creamy and sumptuous,

Sweet Range

  • Apple Pie – sweet and aromatic,
  • Chocolate – silky and indulgent,
  • Salted Caramel – sweet and savory.

What Does Bitchin Sauce Taste Like?

Bitchin sauce is nutty and savory – regardless of whether you are eating the original or another flavor variety. All bitchin sauces are made from a base of almonds, so that sweet earthiness flavor pulls through.

Although, each variety does offer something different; from sweet to savory to a little bit of both (depending on which one you try/buy).

Then there are sauces that are aromatic, others that pack some heat.

In consistency, bitchin sauce is relatively thick but not like nut butter.

It’s more like a thicker dressing, although it is marketed and predominantly sold as a “dip”.

How To Use Bitchin Sauce

Bitchin sauce can be used as the name suggests – as a sauce, but it is most commonly used as a dip for chips, vegetables and other dipping foods.

That being said these sauces are certainly versatile.

And with all products in the range being vegan, dairy-free, and kosher, they can be eaten with a wide range of foods.

Of course, certain flavors pair better with different foods than others.

And different bitchin sauces will work better for different meals.

For instance, the sweet range is best held for dessert.

Nevertheless, Bitchin sauce has been known to work particularly well with meat (or meat substitutes).

Marinating chicken is one such use case.

Spreading on sandwiches is another.

Salads, tacos, toast and pies are others recommended by the brand.

In reality, you can use these sauces in any way you like so long as you pair the flavors right!

Where Can You Buy Bitchin Sauce?

The team at Bitchin sauce is clearly working hard to distribute their sauces, with new channels and partnerships developing all the time.

Although, at the time of writing, here is how you can get some hands on some of this sauce:

  • Amazon: One of the best places to buy their sauces is straight off Amazon. They have an entire storefront and you can benefit from all the perks of shopping at this convenient retailer.
  • Direct: You can actually purchase all varieties of the sauce via their online shop; they sell their sauces in 8-ounce containers at $5 each.
  • Walmart: Walmart stocks some variations of Bitchin sauce; including the original and chipotle flavors.
  • Costco: is known to sell the chipotle variation of the sauce in a larger, 24-ounce tub (for around $8.99).
  • Independent Health Food Stores and Retailers: mostly in California, but this sauce is starting to be distributed more widely. To find out exactly where you can even use the Bitchin Sauce locator tool on their website.
Original Bitchin' Sauce, 8 oz - The Almond Dip
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Kosher Certified, Totally Bitchin'
  • Bitchin' Sauce! The Almond Dip! Try our creamy, award winning dips on your favorite savory foods -- from fish tacos to Bitchin' Burgers!
  • Low Carb & Keto Friendly Snacking Option - only 2g net carbs per serving
  • Award-Winning Flavor & Simple Ingredients - A Farmer’s Market Original
  • Try it on: Sandwiches, wraps, bowls, avocado toast- anything and everything


“An Almond Dip” is how the company describes its product.

But it’s a little more than that and this is a sauce that provides more versatility than just as a dip.

As you can see here, while there is an original and perhaps more iconic version, this is a product line that continues to expand.

New flavors and distribution channels are opening up all the time.

So if you are looking for flavor and to try something a little different – you may want to give Bitchin a try.

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Is Bitchin Sauce Vegan?

Bitchin sauce is vegan; this includes all sauces within their product range and all flavor variations.

Is Bitchin Sauce Gluten-Free?

Bitchin sauce is certified gluten-free; this includes all sauces within their product range and all flavor variations.

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