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What Is Shack Sauce?

Are you eating down at Shake Shack and have noticed that most of their burgers come with Shack sauce? Are you wondering what it is exactly? Besides, you’ll want to know if you’ll like it, right? Well, here is everything you should know.

So, what is Shack sauce? Shack sauce is the signature burger sauce of restaurant chain Shake Shack. It comes in most burgers, as standard and unless ordered otherwise. It is a yellow/orangey color, relatively thick in consistency, and has a creamy, sweet flavor with a hint of heat.

Sounds good right?

If you like burger sauce typically, you’re bound to like this.

Besides, they wouldn’t put it in all their burgers or call it after their brand, if not now would they?

Nevertheless, if you are not quite sure you want it in with your burger, you can always order without it.

Or better yet, ask for it on the side and perhaps try it with a fry/chip or two!

What Does Shack Sauce Taste Like?

Shack sauce is creamy, sweet, and has a subtle hint of heat. It compares similarly to the classic taste of a burger sauce.

Burgers Shack Sauce Comes With

Shack Sauce is included in most burgers by default, here is the full list for reference:

  • ShackBurger
  • Double ShackBurger
  • ShackMeister Burger
  • Double ShackMeister Burger
  • SmokeShack Burger
  • Double SmokeShack Burger
  • ShackStack Burger
  • Double ShackStack Burger

The only exception is the Cheeseburger/Double Cheeseburger which does not contain any sauce unless ordered otherwise.

Also, the Vegan burgers do not contain Shack sauce as this is not a vegan-friendly sauce due to the inclusion of eggs.

What Is Shack Sauce Made Of?

Shack sauce is made from a combination of mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, dill pickling brine and cayenne pepper.

It is also made up of other ingredients too, however, the full list of ingredients is kept a company secret and is not publically shared or made available.

That being said there are plenty of homemade variations and recipes for this sauce.

Most contain egg yolk, oil, dijon mustard, ketchup, and pickle juice in varying combinations depending on which recipe you follow.

Nevertheless, it is a simple recipe to make, although do not expect an exact replica of the original!

Related Questions

Is Shake Sauce Vegan?

Shack sauce is not vegan as it contains egg.

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