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How To Use Nandos Sauce

Are you contemplating buying a bottle of Nandos sauce? Are you not sure how you would even use it, or what it goes best with? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is all that you can do.

So, how can you use Nandos sauce? You can use Nandos sauce as a marinade on meat, as a dipping sauce for crisps/vegetables or chips, or as a drizzle over salads and vegetables. Peri-Peri is best used as a dip or to drizzle, whereas their marinade is best for covering meat ahead of cooking in the oven or flame-grilling.

The truth is, there is not one type of Nandos sauce; as you may have noticed.

First up we have Peri-Peri sauce, and then we have Marinade.

You can see this clearly on the bottle.

And while both are very similar in terms of ingredients or flavor; the difference is how they are generally used.

And of course, we have all the variations and types to consider too.

Not just in terms of heat, but alternatives like Garlic and Lemon, and Herb, for instance.

So, you can get medium Peri Peri and medium Marinade.

You can also get XX hot Peri Peri sauce and XX hot marinade too.

Remember that.

Nevertheless, let us look at how you can use this sauce in greater detail.

That way you’ll know what to do should you decide to buy and experiment with it.

Just consider and check best-before dates on the packaging, though. That way you’ll ensure you are only getting maximum, fresh flavor!

How Do You Use Nandos Sauce?

Nandos sauce can be used directly out of the bottle. You can use and consume this sauce right away, or you can cook with it further to unlock more flavor and infuse the flavors of the sauce into the food.


Nandos sauces can be drizzled directly over the bottle.

You can do so over salads, vegetables, meats or any other food you like the idea of the hot sauce with!


Why not grab a small bowl and pour some of the sauce into it?

That way you can enjoy it with crisps, fries, vegetables or anything else you like to dip.

Frozen party food? Why not!


Marinating is essentially where you cover a food item ahead of roasting or cooking.

It’s the same process whether you decide to cook in the oven or over a flame.

It’s generally best for meats, such as chicken, turkey, beef, or pork.

Essentially you need to use more of the sauce and ensure the meat is fully covered.

Check out my guide on how to do so here.

Is Nandos Sauce A Marinade?

Not all Nandos sauce is a marinade, although you can use Peri-Peri sauce as one. Alternatively, if you decide to marinate meat, it is generally advised to purchase a sauce that has been specifically designed for this purpose. Surprisingly, it’s called a marinade!

How Do You Use Nandos Sauce As A Marinade?

To use Nandos sauce as a marinade, you first need to prepare your meat. Once done, transfer the meat to a marinating dish or sealable plastic bag. At that point, pour at least half a bottle of the marinade over your meat and let it soak in for 20-30 minutes (or preferably for several hours).

Once the time is up, it’s simply a matter of cooking.

You may need to transfer to a suitable cooking dish first though, depending on whether you used a sealable plastic bag or an alternative to marinate.

And when it comes to marinating, you can do this with just the meat and the marinade alone, or you can add diced/cut-up vegetables into the dish too.

Ensure your oven is sufficiently warm, and then place your marinated chicken inside.

Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes, or until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of around 165º F in the thickest part.

Of course, cooking time will depend on the type of oven you are using, the size of the chicken breasts, and how much marinade you added!

It is actually advised that about halfway into the cooking time, 10-15 minutes, you take the chicken out of the oven and brush it with some of the remaining marinade.

Once it’s finished cooking, allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.

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How To Marinate Chicken With Nandos Sauce

To marinate chicken with Nandos sauce, prepare the chicken by removing any fat or undesired parts with cooking scissors or a knife. Place in a cooking/marinating dish and pour the marinade over, covering the chicken fully. Let the chicken rest with the marinade for 20 minutes – 3/4 hours. From there you simply need to cook.

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