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Does Nandos Sauce Go Off?

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Are you looking to buy a bottle of Nandos sauce and wondering how long it will last you if you use it infrequently? Perhaps you’ve had a bottle for quite some time and are wondering whether it’s still good, and safe to consume? Either way, I’m here to help. This is all you need to know.

So, does Nandos sauce go off? Nandos Peri-Peri sauces and Nandos Marinades do not generally go off, although their quality may degrade in time to the point where they are no longer palatable (typically within the 1-2 years after purchase range). Mayo-based Nandos sauce, such as Perinaise however, may degrade in as little as 2 months (due to the presence of eggs).

So it largely depends on what Nandos sauce we are talking about.

And how you take care of it and how it has been stored, of course.

But more on that in the next section.

We will then turn to signs that your Nandos sauce has gone past its best and when it may be a good idea to invest in a new bottle!

How Long Does Nandos Sauce Last?

Nandos sauce comes with a ‘best before date’, stated as “BB – [date] on the bottle. This simply means that it is recommended that you consume the sauce before this date for peak quality and freshness.

That best before date will also tend to be a few months out from when you bought the bottle, although the manufacturer does advise that the sauce be used within 3 months after opening.

This is just a guide, however.

Best before is different from ‘use by’.

And in fact, many sauces are still edible years after their supposed expiry.

So long as they are appropriately cared for and stored, that is.

And this is particularly likely with the Peri Peri and Marinade Nandos sauces.

Not so much with the Perinaise, however.

Due to the inclusion of eggs, this sauce does not generally last as long and does tend to deteriorate much quicker.

Sometimes in just a few months.

Oddly enough, the Vegan Perinaise does not generally suffer the same fate as eggs are committed from the recipe.

The reality; the only way to know how long your Nandos sauce will last is with regular, frequent checks against the signs explored below!

How Can You Tell If Nandos Sauce Is Bad?

The main ways to tell that Nandos sauce is passed its best are sauce separation, visual differences in the consistency, a funky smell that appears upon opening the bottle/pouring, or a change in taste.

Thankfully there are a lot of different ways to check – long before you ever need to taste it.

So start with a visual inspection.

Then move on to the sniff test.

From there, you can always pour some out of the bottle into a separate dish and have another look.

And if the sauce passes all these initial tests? You could try a little.

Taste the sauce and see if it tastes as expected.

If it tastes a little odd. Stop eating it and throw it away – long before you’ve incorporated it into your food/dish/ or even marinated with it.

Otherwise, if it passes the taste test too; you should be more than fine to carry on using or eating your Nandos sauce!


Nandos sauce does not generally ‘expire’.

They can, however, degrade in quality over time.

How quickly?

Well, that depends a lot on how and where they have been stored, how long for, and most importantly, if it is a Peri-Peri sauce, Marinade, or Perinaise.

The mayonnaise-based Perinaise has a much shorter shelf-life, generally speaking.

That being said, the only way to truly know if your sauce has gone off is to test it.

You can, and perhaps should take a look at the “BB” (or best before date) first. But use that more as a guide than a time you absolutely have to consume it in.

From there you will know what’s best.

And if in doubt; chuck it out.

Besides, this sauce is not too expensive.

While it’s unlikely, it’s not worth being ill for, at least.


How Should You Store Nandos Sauce?

Nandos sauce can be stored at room temperature before it is opened. However, once you break the seal and begin using it, it is best transferred to the refrigerator after each use. This should help to preserve the sauce, and prevent faster degradation.

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