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How To Organize Sauce Packets ⋆ The Best Way ⋆

Have a load of sauce packets that you simply, just need to organize? Are they just lying around taking up valuable space in your drawers, fridge, or cabinet? Well, today, I’m here to help you fix that. Here is what I suggest you do!

So, how do you organize sauce packets? The best way to organize sauce packets is to invest in a good organizer bin or caddy. One that has separate sections and that can enable you to categorize sauces and to split them up accordingly. For instance, sweet sauces in one section, savory sauces in another.

An absolute lifesaver for me was buying this particular sauce caddy from Amazon.

I cannot tell you how great it is; whether you want to leave it out on the side, put it in the fridge, or store it away in a cupboard.

But this is a really great way to keep your sauces collected and neatly arranged.

It takes up minimum space, and it’s a very cost-effective means of doing so.

And perhaps the best part – it actually makes finding your sauces easier the next time you want to use them!

So that’s the recommended approach right there.

But what are some other tips when it comes to storing sauce?

These are my personal favorites!

Other Sauce Storage Tips

  • Throw out old sauces regularly; routinely go through your collection of sauces. Ask yourself whether they are still in good condition, are you liekly to ever want or use them again? You may be even able to check ‘best-before’ or ‘expiry’ dates on sauces. But still, if in doubt, chuck them out!
  • Have a cookup! Using all of your old sauce packets that you want to use up. Maybe you can try a new recipe, try a twist on an existing recipe or cook for friends or neighbours. Beats chucking them out, I suppose.
  • Keep your sauces in the same place; the same drawer, the same cabinet or the same section in the fridge. That way, you will know exactly what you do have, and they will be much better organized and accessible,
  • Purchase multiple caddys; so that you can organize your sauce-selection further. Perhaps you have one caddy for spices, others for sauces. Or you could even have one caddy for a particular type of sauce, or type of flavor.


Organizing your sauce collection is not the most enjoyable pastime, but it’s an important one nonetheless.

That is if you want a clean, tidy home without packets laying about here there, and everywhere.

Now while you can always get any old drawer divider or container; getting a caddy purposefully designed for sauces is going to make your life much easier.

Trust me.

I’ve been there and nothing beats a compact and functional caddy.

And for that, look no further than this particular one from Amazon.

It will be far more impactful than you think.

Believe me.