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How To Open Pasta Sauce Jar – When It Won’t Open!

Cannot open a jar of pasta sauce no matter what you try? Not sure if you are even attempting to open it the right way? Well, I’ll be running through what you can, and should do, here today.

So, how do you open a pasta sauce jar? To open a pasta sauce jar, grab the base of the jar with one hand. With your other, firmly grass the lid and turn anti-clockwise. If you cannot get enough leverage, either use a towel, tap the edge of the lid on a countertop or run hot water under the lid to help break the seal.

So there’s a couple of different approaches to try.

And hopefully, you will finally be able to work the lid off – even if it is particularly tough to do.

It may take a little time and it may require a little bit of perseverance.

But these do certainly work.

Failing this there is one more method that we will now look at below!

How Do You Open A Tight Pasta Jar Lid?

A great way to open a particularly tight pasta jar lid is with a butterknife. Slide the knife under the edge of the lid, and go around the edges – tapping the rim to leave little dents. This should loosen and later allow you to twist the lid off.

This is again another great approach to breaking that troublesome seal.

But just be careful when working with a knife.

And, if your knife is not particularly strong, you can twist the blade and you’ll break (or ruin it).

So perhaps not the best idea to use your favorite cutlery set here.

But, if you find an old butter knife, go with the above approach.

You’ll know when you’ve broken the seal – you’ll hear the seal breaking!

But if this does not work what else is there to try?

You’ll find out in the next section.

How Do You Open A Pasta Jar That Won’t Open?

The best way to open a pasta jar that won’t open is to use a screwdriver or sharp knife to pierce a hole in the lid. This will release the vacuum inside the jar, making it easier to open by twisting.

If you are struggling to pierce the lid, then you can also use a hammer to bang the screwdriver, or knife, through the top of the lid.

Either way, this is very dangerous so you have to be very careful.

It is also advised that you do not attempt this unless you are steady-handed, and are of an appropriate age – so talk to your parents if you have to!

It’s generally best not to take any risks.

For the most part, it is generally best to throw the pasta sauce away and buy a new one!


Why do they make pasta sauce jars so difficult to open!

It’s infuriating, to say the least.

Nevertheless, there are things you can try.

All of which resort to breaking that troublesome seal underneath the lid.

Ultimately be safe and try the above approaches.

And do use towels, damp sponges, or anything that you can to give you additional leverage when twisting the lid.

And perhaps buy this 5* reviewed electric jar opener from Amazon for next time.

It will help, I promise.

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