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How To Open Fish Sauce

You’ve bought your fish sauce and have gone to use it. Problem is, opening the bottle is not so simple. Unfortunately, a lot of brands don’t make it easy – even if it should be. Thankfully there is a simple method to help you get access. I’ll be sharing it with you here today.

So, how do you open fish sauce? With a sharp knife or pair of scissors, carefully cut the raised, plastic top off. This should leave you with a small whole. If you want a larger whole, proceed to the next tier and cut across. From there dispense the sauce as and when required.

Do this slowly and carefully – you don’t want to hurt yourself.

But that’s the way to open it.

In fact, this is the common practice of opening these kinds of bottles.

It’s just how they have been designed.

Besides, there is no tab or twist cap to work with as you get on other condiments.

It’s just part of Asian culture, I guess.

Nevertheless, this is all you need to do to open your fish sauce.

And perhaps a few other condiments too – so do remember this.

No pulling, twisting, or stabbing is necessary.

Just the carefully controlled, cutting away from yourself.

Simple and logical when you know-how.

Or is it?!

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