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How Long Is Sriracha Good For?

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Wondering how long your Sriracha sauce will be good for? Perhaps you are looking at an old bottle and wondering whether you can use it, or maybe you are considering buying it for future use. Either way, knowing what to expect will ensure ultimate satisfaction. And that’s what you deserve. This is what you need to know.

So, how long is Sriracha good for? Sriracha will retain its flavor and quality for up to two years if stored appropriately. While refrigeration is not necessary for this sauce, it does tend to keep the sauce lasting longer than if you are to leave it at room temperature, such as in the pantry or in a cupboard/drawer. 

We’re talking flavor preservation and maximum satisfaction here.

In reality, there is no reason why your Sriracha sauce cannot last even longer.

Besides, this is not the kind of sauce that goes bad or ever becomes unsafe to eat (assuming it is not contaminated, of course).

Let us continue to explore the storage and shelf life of this chili-based hot sauce!

How Long Does Sriracha Last?

Sriracha sauce typically lasts for six months to 2 years once it has been opened. However, the exact timeframe can vary depending on the brand, the amount it is used, and how it is stored.

For a more accurate estimation, you can always check the “best before date.”

This should be printed directly on the bottle.

As the name suggests, just consider that this is a rough estimate based on the date it was packaged.

And it’s referencing specifically peak freshness.

In reality, if stored properly, there is no reason why your Sriracha would not last longer than this.

Plus, for Sriracha sauce specifically, due to the high vinegar content, it tends to last quite a while.

At least compared to other hot sauces.

If you are, however, really committed to keeping your Sriracha for as long as possible, you are going to want to do a couple of things.

First, ensure the lid is securely fastened after each use.

Don’t let the top or bottle cap; collect any sauce. Wipe this away, and don’t let it build up or congeal.

From there, do put your Sriracha in the fridge.

As already mentioned, it’s not required. But it does help keep in longer.

Months, if not years longer, might I add.

Can Old Sriracha Make You Sick?

Old Sriracha is unlikely to make you sick. The only exception here is if the sauce has been contaminated with other foods. 

In reality, bacteria have a really hard time developing in Sriracha.

The high vinegar content has a lot to do with that.

And then there is the fact that the ingredients do not really go off.

Plus, there are preservatives in the sauce, too, which help the sauce not degrade.

Nevertheless, degradation will occur in time.

To the point where the sauce will not taste the same (And as we will soon see below).

Ultimately, if you hold a bottle of Sriracha sauce for more than 2-3 years, it’s probably best to throw it away at this stage.

Get a new one, besides it’s not too expensive in the scheme of life.

Especially if you buy it in bulk from Amazon.

Does Sriracha Improve With Age?

Sriracha sauce does change taste over time. Whether you prefer this taste is going to come down to personal preference. However, most people find that the flavor is not as nice as a new bottle or fresh Sriracha sauce.

And when it comes to what you can expect – the sauce will likely be hotter!

Spicier, that is.

And remember, this sauce is pretty hot and rich, to begin with.

Aside from changes in the flavor, you can expect the sauce to change color too.

It usually starts to darken, which can be quite unappetizing.

At least in my opinion.

So look out for signs of discoloration (darker red).

That will usually be the clearest sign the sauce is starting to age.

If you don’t like the flavor, simply discard and replace. Besides, its not too hard to find at the grocery store!

Otherwise, continue to use it until you are no longer satisfied.



Sriracha sauce is good for a long time.

At least compared to other sauces and condiments.

That being said, how long your bottle lasts has a lot to do with how you keep it.

Always practice good hygiene.

So if you do intend to use it as a dipping sauce – transfer it to a new dish and do not attempt to put it back in the bottle even if you use too much!

Besides, you do not want to transfer bacteria or any other contaminants into the sauce.

That’s a sure way to make yourself sick or reduce the shelf life quite dramatically.

And do be sure to keep the top clean. Remove any buildup of dry Sriracha every now and again.

Trust me; it will last much longer that way.

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