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Has Bojangles Bo Sauce Been Discontinued?

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As a lifelong Bojangles fanatic, I was devastated to hear rumors that the beloved Bo Sauce had been discontinued.

This tangy, peppery concoction of mayonnaise, horseradish, and secret spices has long been a signature dipping sauce at Bojangles.

For years, Bo Sauce has enhanced the flavor of Bojangles’ famous fried chicken and Cajun-seasoned fries – at least for me and what appears to a horde of fellow sauce enthusiasts who ate there!

But during a recent visit, I noticed Bo Sauce was suspiciously absent from the sauce selection.

What gives, Bojangles?

Has Bojangles Bo Sauce Been Discontinued?

Bo Sauce has been discontinued. Apparently, Bojangles made the controversial decision to pull Bo Sauce from its menu sometime in 2022.

From what I can gather, not every Bojangles customer was a fan of the acquired taste of Bo Sauce.

While it delighted those of us with an affinity for spicy, pepper-forward flavors, its polarizing nature may have led to Bo Sauce’s downfall.

Though I’m disappointed, I suppose I understand Bojangles’ rationale.

What Has Replaced Bo Sauce at Bojangles?

In place of beloved Bo Sauce, Bojangles has introduced a new “Creamy Buffalo Sauce” as its signature spicy mayo dip. According to Bojangles, this new sauce features a blend of buffalo and ranch flavors, aiming to provide a kick of heat and cooling creaminess.

Admittedly, the new Creamy Buffalo isn’t bad.

It has a pleasant balance of tanginess, creaminess, and slow-building spice. And it definitely has wider mass appeal than the controversial Bo Sauce.

But in my opinion, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the masterpiece that was Bo Sauce.

The Creamy Buffalo lacks the sinus-clearing horseradish bite and peppery zing that made Bo Sauce so addictive.

To me, it’s just another buffalo sauce copycat.

I suppose Creamy Buffalo is a serviceable replacement, but it doesn’t satisfy my craving for that unique Bojangles Bo Sauce flavor.

I wish they’d left it as an option for those of us who loved it.

Will They Bring Back Bo Sauce at Bojangles?

While Bojangles hasn’t explicitly confirmed that Bo Sauce is gone for good, I’m not optimistic we’ll see its return. Considering it’s been nearly a year since it disappeared from the menu, it seems Bojangles has fully moved on from Bo Sauce and has no plans to resurrect it.

However, fans like me haven’t given up hope yet. There’s been an uprising on social media, with folks begging Bojangles to bring back their beloved Bo Sauce.

Perhaps if the outcry is loud enough, Bojangles will listen to their loyal customers and reconsider offering Bo Sauce again, even as a limited-time promotional item.

I know I’d be first in line to stock up if I heard Bo Sauce was making a comeback at Bojangles.

That peppery, creamy, tangy goodness just hits the spot in a way no other sauce can.

Here’s hoping Bojangles brings back Bo Sauce soon – my chicken and fries just haven’t been the same without it!

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