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Has Wendy’s S’awesome Sauce Been Discontinued?

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Wendy’s S’awesome sauce seems to have vanished from menus, online food ordering apps and drive-thrus lately, leading fans (including myself) of the zesty, smoky condiment to wonder if it has been discontinued.

Has it?

Is it still available?

Let’s find out!

Has wendy’s s’awesome sauce Been discontinued?

Wendy’s S’awesome sauce has been discontinued, as confirmed by the official communications team of this popular fast food chain.

The tangy sauce, featuring a blend of smoked bacon, French dressing, and honey mustard, debuted at Wendy’s in 2017 and quickly became a cult favorite.

However, reports from disappointed customers indicate S’awesome sauce was removed from the menu sometime in late 2021.

Wendy’s has not officially confirmed that S’awesome sauce is gone for good. Though they have confirmed it’s gone for now on their blog.

Some speculate it could just be a temporary product shortage.

But after months without the addictive sauce available, it’s not looking promising for its return.

What Has Replaced S’awesome Sauce at Wendy’s?

With S’awesome sauce seemingly banished, Wendy’s has brought on a new spicy sauce to take its place. The current contender is Ghost Pepper Ranch, which launched in 2021 shortly before S’awesome sauce’s disappearance.

Ghost Pepper Ranch has a cooler, richer flavor profile compared to the smoky sweetness of S’awesome.

It consists of creamy, herby ranch mixed with the heat of ghost peppers.

Spice fans may appreciate the kick, but those who fell in love with S’awesome sauce’s unique blend of flavors may find it lacking.

Wendy’s also still offers signature sauces like Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, Creamy Sriracha, and Barbeque.

But none quite capture that lightning in a bottle flavor that S’awesome did.

Will They Bring Back S’awesome Sauce at Wendy’s?

While Wendy’s has yet to confirm S’awesome sauce’s official fate, fans are holding out hope for its return.

Some have created online petitions (like that on pleading for Wendy’s to bring back the discontinued delight.

Other diehard supporters have even tried making homemade copycat recipes, though so far none have perfectly replicated the original magic.

For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope Wendy’s listens to the outcry of the S’awesome faithful.

The company may just revive the sauce if they see enough demand.

But if not, at least we can all fondly remember the few sweet, smoky, and tangy years we had with S’awesome while it lasted.

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