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Where To Find Fish Sauce In Grocery Store

Wondering where you can find the fish sauce at the grocery store? Want to walk directly there without having to stumble around and waste your valuable energy and time. Well, this is where you should go.

So, where can you find fish sauce in the grocery store? Fish sauce is commonly kept in the Asian or International food aisle, or section of the condiment aisle.

You might even find it in promotional sections or even on the end of aisles too!

As such, it can actually be quite a tricky one to find!

So, perhaps the best thing you can do is to actually go ahead and ask the staff at the grocery store.

They should be able to take you directly there.

Or at the very least put you into contact with a fellow employee who knows the store better!

But what stores actually stock this sauce in the first place?

Does every store have it even?

What Grocery Stores Sell Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce can be tricky to find and may not be stocked at all grocery stores. Therefore, it is generally best to visit the larger stores of the big grocery store chains. Although, local independent Asian stores and/or markets should have this sauce available.

And it also depends on what you are looking for specifically.

  • Is it a certain brand?
  • Are you looking for a certain size?
  • Do you have a price in mind?
  • Do you have particular requirements, such as gluten intolerances or other health preferences?
  • Do you need other foods alongside it for your dish?

These are just some questions to consider.

So it depends on what you are looking for here.

Nevertheless, the large major US grocery stores chains should stock the sauce.

Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco.

These should all offer the big brands of fish sauce.

But perhaps the best place to look is at independent Asian stores or markets.


Because fish sauce is a staple in Asian cuisine.

They use it in all sorts of dishes.

So logically, it makes sense for them to stock it.

And what’s more, it will be easier to find.

And they’ll likely have more authentic brands and recipes too.

Plus, you will be able to get other ingredients you may need there too.

Other Places To Buy Fish Sauce

If you do not have an Asian store or market locally, know that your nearest grocery store does not stock it or just want to save all the effort and potential frustration – it’s generally much easier to just buy online.

And if you’re looking for complete convenience… try Amazon.

Of course, Amazon sells fish sauce.

And quite a few options too as you can see here.

There are a lot of variations too.

And you can even find different styles and recipes for this delicious condiment.

With many options to buy and to try.

Or you can go for the big brands too.

It’s up to you.

And what’s more – if you know what you want and what you like – you can order in bulk for a great price and locking in those future savings!

Not to mention the speed of Prime!


If you are looking for fish sauce, then it naturally makes sense to go to the Asian/International food aisle or section of the condiment aisle at the largest grocery store in your area.

Or going to an Asian store/market directly.

Better yet, would be to just order it online through Amazon.

But if you are insistent on picking up the bottle yourself, why not ring up the grocery store ahead of time.

It will only take a few minutes and can save you a lot of wasted fuel, time, and effort!

If you’re already in the store – just ask.