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Where To Buy Eel Sauce

Are you looking to buy some eel sauce, but not sure where you will be able to do so? You’ve come to the right place! Today, I’ll be sharing some of the best places here today.

So, where can you buy Eel sauce? Eel sauce is sold at most of the larger grocery stores, including Walmart and Target, along with most Japanese markets (which will likely stock more brands). Additionally, you can purchase this sauce quite readily online, from specialty food/condiment stores and Amazon.


That’s the other name to be familiar with, by the way.

It’s what this sauce also goes by the name of.

So if you see that printed on the side of a bottle somewhere, then you’ve found what you’re looking for!

Neverthless, and quite thankfully, this condiment is actually not as tricky to get as you may have thought.

As we shall now see.

How Much Does Eel Sauce Cost?

Eel sauce can range from $10 all the way up to $30 and up. It depends on the brand, the size of the bottle (where 1/2 gallon bottles are popular), and where you decide to purchase it.

This is a condiment that often comes in rather large bottles.

While smaller, more affordable bottles are definitely available, you can really purchase unagi in bulk.

So that’s your first choice.

15 oz or 1/2 gallon; how much do you need?

And then its just down to store pricing.

Some are naturally more expensive than others.

Plus you then have to consider any promotions, delivery costs, etc.

Nevertheless, this sauce does tend to come at a higher price than most other condiments on the market.

Best Places To Buy Eel Sauce

The best places to buy eel sauce include the major grocery store chains, Japanese markets, and specialty stores online. However, what is best for you will depend on what brand you need and when you are generally looking to get it.

You’ll also probably need to run your search on the term, unagi, sometimes even Natsume, or Kabayaki too.

They are the other names that this sauce goes by and if you are looking in Japanese grocery stores specifically, could be what you may need to ask for.

Or failing that, just visit their condiment section.

Alternatively, eel sauce is stocked at:

  • Walmart
  • Target,
  • Krogers

Just consider that not every grocery store will stock it, especially the smaller ones.

Then there is online.

Without a doubt, the best place is Amazon, as you’ll see by all the options they have here.

They sell all of the major brands, including Kikkoman, and several other less-well-known ones too.

From there, you also have online specialty outlets like the Webrestaurant store too.


Eel sauce, unagi, or sometimes even “sushi sauce” should not be too tricky to find.

Remember, there is always Amazon.

And generally, if you get it online you’ll be saving a lot of effort and time by having to look for it.

If you are visiting a grocery store, be sure to visit a Walmart or Target; as we know for sure that these companies do stock it.

And do check the condiments aisle, Asian section, first.

That’ll be your best bet.

You can always ask a member of staff to show you where it is, or take you directly there. Or call ahead and see if they have it in stock first.

Failing that, you can always make your own.

Eel sauce is not too difficult to make, but sourcing the ingredients does require the same effort.

You likely have soy sauce already; getting the mirin could be your challenge.

Generally buying it pre-made is easier.

And either way, be sure to enjoy this sweet and salty sauce over freshly cooked noodles, grilled fish, or eel rolls!

Related Questions

Does Walmart Sell Eel Sauce?

Walmart does sell eel sauce, although you will only find it on their website if you search for “unagi” (which is an alternate name for it). The brand they sell is Kikkoman.

Does Kroger Sell Unagi Sauce?

Kroger does sell unagi saice; including both the Suzukatsu and Kikkoman brands.

What Is The Best Eel Sauce Brand?

The best eel sauce brand is generally considered to be either Otajoy or Kikkoman; both of which are very popular, widely available and have received positive reviews and press.