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What Is Truffle Sauce?

Truffle sauce. It sounds rather elegant, doesn’t it? But what is it, exactly? What is it made of and what does it taste like? You’ll be finding out all of those things here today!

So, what is Truffle sauce? Truffle sauce is a creamy condiment based on a blend of truffles (a type of fungi), mushrooms, cream, butter, and cheese, often parmesan. It is often eaten with pasta or used as a dipping sauce.

You might have heard of truffle oil, too.

But that’s different.

As it sounds, that is an oil used to impart the flavor of truffles to a dish.

It’s often made with different oils, sometimes olive, othertimes vegetable (canola, grapeseed, etc.)

From there the residue of truffles is added.

But I digress.

You didn’t come here about an oil.

You want to know about the sauce.

So let’s get into it!

What Is Truffle Sauce Made Of?

Truffle sauce is typically made with truffles, cream, and parmesan. Although, some recipes also call for the inclusion of butter, olive oil, garlic, and black pepper too.

Although, this is a sauce that can vary somewhat.

For instance, you can often find recipes, or brands of this sauce with white, or black truffles.

And they are quite different in regards to taste. As we will soon see below.

What Does Truffle Sauce Taste Like?

Truffle sauce is a rich, flavourful, luxurious, and creamy sauce that will add depth to any food you decide to pair it with.

That being said, the true flavor of truffle sauce will vary depending on whether you consume one made with white, or black truffles.

And here is why.

White truffles have a slightly garlicky aroma and a delicate but distinct flavor. They are similar in many ways to shallots.

Whereas black truffles are stronger, more earthy and more intense. They have a somewhat meaty flavor.

So as you can imagine, the flavors you will get from your truffle sauce will vary depending on the option you go for.

What Goes Well With Truffle Sauce?

Truffle sauce is often eaten paired and eaten with savory dishes to add depth. Pasta and risottos are common uses for this sauce.

Various different pasta styles can be used; from a Penne all way through to a Tagliatelle

Although, that being said, truffle sauce is often used as a base on canapés too.

How To Make Truffle Sauce

Below is a simple truffle sauce recipe that you can make from home and then add to a pasta dish, such as Tagliatelle.

Feel free to swap the black truffle to a white truffle depending on your preferences.


  • 40 g butter
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 black truffle
  • 20 g freshly grated parmesan cheese


Step One: Crush your garlic cloves to help release their flavor and leave these to one side.

Step Two: Grate your truffle into fine pieces.

Step Three: In a pan, melt the butter over medium heat.

Step Four: Add the olive oil and crushed garlic, and cook for about a minute.

Step Five: Add a little water and stir to combine.

Step Six: Remove from the heat and serve.


Truffle sauce is indulgent.

It’s rich, bold, and creamy too.

No wonder why it pairs so nicely with pasta!

Although it can be tricky to buy; especially pre-made.

So, perhaps your best bet is to make your own following a recipe – hence why I have included one above.

That’s for a black truffle sauce. Remember, black truffles are a little more earthy than white.

But do give it a try; it makes a really nice change. I promise!