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Where Is Pizza Sauce In The Grocery Store

Heading down to the grocery store and after some pizza sauce specifically? Not sure where you need to look or what aisle to go? Here is where you need to look.

So, where is pizza sauce in the grocery store? Pizza sauce can be found in various places in the grocery store. The pasta sauce aisle, pizza section, produce section, or even the deli if the store has one are the main places to look for this sauce.

So, not a definitive and exact place every time, I’m afraid.

And it does depend on whether you are looking for fresh pizza sauce (made from scratch and refrigerated), or the longer-lasting jar version.

Being aware of such a distinction may save you a little time and give you an idea of where you need to go.

Otherwise, just be sure to ask a member of staff on the way in.

That’s a sure way to find out faster.

But what grocery stores even sell this specific store, to begin with? Where do you generally need to go?

What Grocery Stores Sell Pizza Sauce?

Pizza sauce is sold in almost all grocery stores, including the major national grocery store chains.

Here are some grocery stores to check out specifically:

  • Kroger,
  • Walmart,
  • Target.
  • Whole Foods
  • Safeway,
  • Costco

And this is the kind of sauce that will be sold in the smaller grocery stores, too.

Just consider that the larger the store, the more options they will likely have.

They may also cater to specific needs or preferences, such as gluten-free options, low-sugar options, etc.

Or alternatively, you could just buy some from Amazon.


Pizza sauce is not too hard to find, thankfully.

And at the same time, this is the kind of sauce you can make from scratch, relatively easily and quickly should the need ever arise.

And it only needs a few simple ingredients.

All of which you can get at… The grocery store.

So either way, you should be more than okay.

Besides, this is a popular sauce so you should never find yourself in such a position unless you choose to.

The difficult thing will probably be choosing between all the different brands when you find them.

And before then, either go to the pasta sauce aisle or pizza aisle first and foremost.

Or just ask.

That’s typically best.

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Where Is Pizza Sauce In Kroger?

Kroger sells over 30 different brands of pizza sauce. You can typically find them in the pasta aisle.