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What Is Wayback Gold Sauce?

You’ve stopped by at Wayback Burgers and you’re about to make your order. You then see the Wayback Gold sauce and it puts you in doubt. Should you order it, will you like it? Well, here is all you need to know so that you can make a much more confident decision.

So, what is Wayback Gold sauce? Wayback Gold is the signature dipping sauce of the restaurant chain Wayback Burgers. It was designed specifically for side items, such as onion rings and french fries. It’s a blend of our barbecue sauce and mustard making it sweet, savory, and rich in flavor.

And the good news is, at Wayback, there are a lot of sides to pair this sauce with (as we will soon discover).

But first and foremost what is this sauce made of and what kind of nutritional profile does it have?

Let’s find out!

What Is Wayback Gold Sauce Made Of?

Wayback gold sauce is primarily made of barbecue sauce and mustard. Although, there are a number of secret ingredients that have not been publically announced or specified.

That being said, if you are to check the Wayback Burgers Allergen factsheet, you can clearly see that this sauce does contain soy.

But no dairy, egg, wheat, or fish – which does give us some pointers.

Other than that, the specifics are largely unknown. It’s absolutely a secret recipe.

What we can imagine is a blend of different herbs and spices that gives this sauce its flavorsome edge.

It’s quite thick in consistency and an off-orange in color.

Below we can see the nutrition content which may give us some clues as to what is in it:

Wayback Gold Sauce Nutrition

Per serving:

– Calories From Fat10
Total Fat1g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Sodium 630 mg
Carbohydrates 13g
– of which sugars10g
Fiber <1g
Protein 1g

So judging by the nutritional content, Wayback gold is unlikely to contain any mayonnaise or other high-fat dressing.

It also likely includes quite a bit of sugar, and salt – although this could just be what is coming from the inclusion of the main ingredient – barbecue sauce.

What Does Wayback Gold Sauce Taste Like?

Wayback Gold Sauce is sweet, savory smokey, and zesty in flavor. It is also quite a thick sauce in texture and consistency.

What To Eat Wayback Gold Sauce With?

Wayback Gold sauce was designed and created as a dipping sauce first and foremost. Although, you can add it to any burger of your choosing. In fact, its an optional extra that you can add to your own crafted burger.

But for the most part, this sauce is best as a dip.

And when it comes to sides that work best with it, look no further than:

  • Mac N Cheese Bites
  • Onion Rings
  • House Made Chips
  • French Fries
  • O-Fries
  • Tator Tots

But there is nothing stopping you from eating it with your chicken tenders, BLT, or hot dog.

In fact, it pairs nicely with almost everything.

It’s a versatile sauce after all.


So there you have it; a delicious blend of barbecue and mustard.

And it’s absolutely delicious

So do give it a try.

Besides, as a dipping sauce, you can always order some in as an extra.

Try an onion ring or french fry or two and see for yourself.

But put it this way; it wouldn’t be called ‘gold’ or be their signature sauce if it wasn’t as good as it sounded!