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When Was A1 Steak Sauce Invented?

Wondering when A1 steak sauce was invented. Are you having a bet with a buddy or curious how long it has been around? Either way, this is what you want to know.

So, when was A1 steak sauce invented? A1 steak sauce was originally invented in 1820, by the chef of King George IV, Henderson William Brand. However, it only entered manufacturing and became widely available and commercialized in 1862, initially as “Brand’s International Sauce”.

But where did the A1 name come from?

Well interestingly enough, it came from King George himself.

The tradition goes that he replied in approval of Henderson’s new sauce with a simple “A1”.

No surprise it would be launched as a product down the line then.

And when it did become a ‘product’, it really had appeal.

Besides, this was marketed as a premium quality, versatile sauce that could go with a wide variety of foods.

In fact, the current owner of A1, Kraft Foods, released a press release in 2014 to mark its rebranding and stated this about A1:

“Saucy sauce different from any other, appreciated on Welsh rarebits, broiled lobster and English mutton chops.”

Kraft Press Release

And it was widely used in many dishes up until the 1960s when it went through another transformation.

This time, the brand shifted toward steak.

In fact, the A1 sauce rebranded to A1 Steak Sauce during this time.

Up until very recently.

In 2014, A1 Steak sauce went back to its original name, “A1 Sauce” to open it back up again and market it as a much more all-around sauce.

With the removal of “steak” from the brand, the brand has reorientated toward other meats and fish, and even those following alternative diets, such as veganism.

Besides, the original formula has never strayed too far – made from very similar ingredients with slight modern-day alternatives.

Either way, it has remained a plant-based sauce to this day.


Over 200 years and counting.

That’s how long A1 sauce has been around. Well, since it was first created and discovered.

158 years if you are talking since product launch and inception.

And while it has gone through various marketing campaigns and changed many times along the way, the ingredient list has never really changed.

The result is a rich and bold taste, making it a condiment favorite – pretty much worldwide.

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