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What Sauces Does Taco Johns Have?

Do you intend on eating down at Taco Johns? Wondering what sauces you can order alongside your Mexican-inspired food? Well, below you can find out the full list of sauce options at this particular restaurant chain.

So, what sauces does Taco Johns have? Taco Johns offers five different sauces. These are Chipotle Lime, Jalapeno Ranch, Mild Sauce, Sour Cream, and Super Hot Sauce. They also offer three dressings (Creamy Italian, House, Ranch), three salsas (House, Pico De Gallo, Roasted Corn & Pepper), and two other dips and condiments (Guacamole and Nacho Cheese).

Certainly a lot of choices and a great way to add flavor to your order.

Just consider that some menu items may include one of these sauces, or two already and be default (and unless you ask otherwise).

Let’s now take a look at what sauce is included in what in the next section below!

What Menu Items Include What Sauce At Taco Johns?

The following menu items include a sauce inside by default. Some menu items you can either choose one or both:

Taco John Menu ItemSauce Included
Chicken Bacon Guac Street TacoGuacamole
Spicy Chicken & Potato GrillerNacho Cheese Sauce, Creamy Chipotle Sauce, and  Super Hot Sauce
Cheesy Bacon Ranch Loaded Potato Olés®Nacho Cheese Sauce and Creamy Ranch Dressing
Spicy Steak & Potato GrillerNacho Cheese Sauce, Creamy Chipotle Sauce, and Super Hot Sauce
Potato Olés®Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Or Salsa Dip
Meat & Potato BurritoNacho Cheese and Sour Cream
Fried Chicken TacosChoice of either/both Chipotle Lime Or Spicy Jalapeño Ranch Sauce
Softshell TacoSignature Mild Sauce
Stuffed Grilled TacoNacho Cheese, Hot Sauce, and Sour Cream
Super BurritoSignature Mild Sauce and Sour Cream
Chicken Grilled BurritoCreamy Ranch
Bean BurritoSignature Mild Sauce
Fried Chicken & Potato Olés® SnackerChoice of either/both Chipotle Lime Or Spicy Jalapeño Ranch Sauce
Taco SaladSalsa, Sour Cream And Your Choice Of Dressing (Creamy Italian, House, Ranch)
Super NachosGuacamole and Sour Cream
Super Potato Olés®Guacamole and Sour Cream

Taco Johns Sauce Nutrition

Taco John SauceServing Size (Ounces)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)
Chipotle Lime1 fl oz140143250
Jalapeno Ranch1 fl oz 130133280
Mild Sauce1 fl oz 1002130
Sour Cream2.5 fl oz 14013450
Super Hot Sauce1 fl oz 50140
Creamy Italian Dressing1.5 fl oz 130142320
House Dressing1.5 fl oz 7072260
Ranch Dressing1.5 fl oz 210231310
House Salsa1 fl oz 506160
Pico De Gallo Salsa1 fl oz 100295
Roasted Corn & Pepper Salsa1 fl oz 150385
Guacamole2.5 fl oz1501112220
Nacho Cheese3 fl oz11095390

Related Questions

Does Taco John’s Have Sauce?

Taco Johns does have sauce; five in fact. They also offer eight other dressings, condiments, and dips including salsa.

Does Taco John’s Have Queso?

Taco John’s does not have Queso. Although, they did introduce it temporarily for a limited time on certain menu items at participating restaurants. Whether they will re-introduce Queso again on a promotional campaign, or permanently, is however not known.

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