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What Sauces Does Red Lobster Have?

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Are you heading down to Red Lobster for a signature feast, platter, a Sea-cuterie board, or a classic? Either way, you are probably wondering what sauces you can get alongside your seafood. Here are all of your options.

So, what sauces does Red Lobster have? Red Lobster offers five different sauces. These are cocktail sauce, ketchup, Marinara sauce, Pina Colada sauce, and tartar sauce. They also offer three other general toppings (such as butter for jacket potatoes) and six other dressings.

Red Lobster does not come up shop in the condiment department.

In fact, you do have a few options, depending on what you order and what you like, of course.

Let us just walk through each of the options in each category so you know for sure what there is.

Red Lobster Sauces

  • Cocktail Sauce,
  • Ketchup,
  • Marinara Sauce,
  • Pina Colada Sauce,
  • Tartar Sauce

Red Lobster Dressings

  • Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Caesar Dressing
  • French Dressing
  • Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Thousand Island Dressing

Other Red Lobster Condiments

  • 100% Pure Melted Butter
  • Sour Cream
  • Pico de Gallo

Red Lobster Sauce Nutrition

CondimentCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)
Butter (Jacket Potato)808045
Sour Cream252010
Blue Cheese Dressing 230242300
Caesar Dressing300320590
Cocktail Sauce45011580
French Dressing1801610460
Honey Mustard Dressing200189290
Marinara Sauce3524230
Pico de Gallo1002170
Pina Colada Sauce1004.51440
Ranch Dressing150162320
Tartar Sauce210214180
Thousand Island Dressing210198270

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