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What Sauces Does Pizza Hut Have?

Are you ordering some food at Pizza Hut? Are you wondering what sauces this popular pizza chain has to offer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all of the options available.

So, what sauces does Pizza Hut have? Pizza Hut offers their pizzas with a base of one of two different sauces: Tomato or BBQ. They also offer five different dipping sauces. These are Garlic Dip, Sour Cream and Chive, BBQ, Sweet Chili, and Hot dip. All of which are perfect for dipping crusts or for sides like Nachos/Breaded Chicken Strips.

A decent amount of choice.

And I forgot to mention one thing.

There is the option of no sauce, at all.

But let’s be honest – that’s not particularly fun now is it?

And who wants a pizza without a base of sauce, anyway?

With that said, what is the best sauce at Pizza Hut?

What should you order if you are not sure?

Let’s find out!

Which Sauce Is Best At Pizza Hut?

What sauce is best at Pizza Hut is open to opinion and personal preferences. That being said, the tomato sauce is the most popular when it comes to Pizza bases, and the Garlic Dip appears to be the most popular and enjoyed dipping sauce.

In fact, the Garlic dip is recommended time and time again.

Not only from friends and family but on online polls too.

And it’s my favorite too, by quite a way.

So much so that I’ve even created a copycat recipe of the sauce.

Are Sauces Free At Pizza Hut?

Pizza sauce naturally comes free with any pizza order at Piza Hut. Dipping sauces also come free with certain side orders (such as Breaded Chicken Strips), however, you do need to pay for additional servings or if you are not ordering certain side items.

If you do need to pay for a dip, you can expect to pay around £0.55, per dip.

Or if you’re lucky, the staff may throw one or two in for free.

It’s unlikely, but it has been known to happen.

Pizza Hut Sauce Nutrition

Pizza Hut SauceCaloriesTotal Carbs (g)Total Fat (g)Total Salt (g)
Sour Cream & Chive 722.76.80.23
Sweet Chilli 5111.80.30.32
Hot Sauce172.60.40.31
Per Serving

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