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What Sauces Does Cook Out Have?

Are you planning to eat some chargrilled Barbecue down at Cook Out? Want to know what sauces they have available and that you can pair together with your food? Here are the options.

So, what sauces does Cook Out have? Cook Out offers nine different sauces. This includes their signature Cook Out sauce, along with ketchup, mayo, mustard, bbq, honey mustard, Polynesian, ranch, and buffalo.

Certainly enough to get your taste buds firing.

And all certainly pair with a hamburger, a wrap, chargrilled chicken, strips, nuggets, or even a hot dog!

Does Cook Out Have A Special Sauce?

Cook Out does have a special sauce, called by its namesake ‘Cook Out Sauce’. This sauce is a creamy mayo, ketchup, mustard, cajun seasoning blend.

What Is Cook Out Special Sauce Made Of?

Cook Out special sauce is made of soybean oil, tomato puree, sugar, distilled white vinegar, egg yolk, salt, phosphoric acid, modified food starch, mustard flour, onion powder, spices, garlic powder, oleoresin paprika, oleoresin turmeric, natural flavor, and potassium sorbate.

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