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What Sauces Does Canes Have?

Heading down to a Raising Canes for some chicken fingers, or a chicken sandwich? Wondering what sauces they have available and that you can dip your food in? Here is what is available.

So, what sauces does Canes have? Canes offer three different sauces. These are Cane’s Sauce (signature sauce), fresh honey mustard (made on-site), and also hot sauce, which is available upon request.

A signature sauce eh?

And one that comes included with all the combos you are going to want to know what it is!

So, let us take a closer look at it – besides, chances are you are going to order it!

What Is Canes Sauce?

Canes Sauce is a tangy, bold-flavored sauce with a subtle hint of spice. While the recipe is kept secret, it is made from a blend of select seasonings and spices.

This sauce is made fresh by each Raising Cane restaurant each day.

It was made purposefully the chicken fingers menu item but is a versatile sauce that goes well with most, if not all, menu items.

What Is Canes Sauce Made Of?

The ingredients of Canes Sauce are known by few and are not publically shared. However, we do know that it contains seasonings, spice, egg yolk and soy (due to the stated allergens). Due to the fat and sugar content, likely contains mayonnaise as a base, and added sugar too.

Canes Sauce Nutrition

Total Fat19g
– Of Which Saturated Fat3g
– Of Which Trans Fat0g
– Of Which Sugars 4g
Per 1 Serving

Allergens: Contains egg, fish and soy.

Does Canes Sell Sauce?

Canes does not bottle up to sell their sauce – it is made fresh in each restaurant each day. However, they do sell their sauces in larger quantities at each location.

Some customers have reported paying $4.50 for a 21 oz cup of sauce; although this process may vary and range depending on when and where you look to buy it.

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Raising Canes does not have BBQ sauce.

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Raising Canes does not have Ranch sauce.

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