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What Is Texas Pete Made Of?

Are you keen to try Texas Pete but want to check the ingredient list before you do? Fair enough. Here is everything that this sauce contains.

So, what is Texas Pete made of? Texas Pete is made of Vinegar, Aged Peppers (Peppers, Salt, Vinegar), Water, Xanthan Gum, and Benzoate of Soda (To Preserve Freshness and Flavor).

The result is a medium-heat hot sauce that pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods and dishes.

Now just consider that the above is the ingredient list of the Texas Pete Original Sauce.

There are actually other sauces that this manufacturer offer.

As we shall now continue to explore below.

What Are The Ingredients In Texas Pete?

The ingredients in Texas Pete are Vinegar, Aged Peppers (Peppers, Salt, Vinegar), Water, Xanthan Gum, and Benzoate of Soda.

It is the vinegar that gives this sauce its zesty qualities, while also thinning the sauce making it somewhat running in consistency.

And then there is the salt. Which is crucial for flavor and for the fermentation process – which gives this hot sauce its bold, balanced flavor.

The other two ingredients to note are Xanthan gum (a stabilizing agent) to prevent the sauce from separating and benzoate of soda, which helps preserve freshness and flavor.

But as previously mentioned; there are actually other hot sauces in the product line; Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce and Sautéed Garlic Flavor Hot Sauc

Now here’s the interesting thing.

The Hotter Hot sauce actually has exactly the same ingredients.

It’s just the quantities of Aged Peppers are much higher, creating a spicier and hotter sauce.

And even more, interestingly, the Sautéed Garlic Flavor Hot Sauce is based on the same recipe and just has one extra ingredient as you can see bolded below:

Vinegar, Aged Peppers (Peppers, Salt, Vinegar), Water, Xanthan Gum, Benzoate of Soda (To Preserve Freshness and Flavor), Sautéed Garlic Flavor.

So all the Texas Pete sauces are somewhat similar in flavor, with a minor difference in terms of heat or garlic undertones.

What Kind Of Peppers Is Texas Pete Made From?

Texas Pete is made from specially grown, red cayenne peppers that have been aged for two years.

It is through this aging and fermentation process, that the natural flavors of the red cayenne peppers come to the fore and give this sauce its rich, mouth-watering features.

Originating from French Guiana, these peppers have been used throughout history across many different civilizations.

They typically are scored at between 30,000-50,000 heat units on the Scoville scale (a statistical means of measuring the heat concentration of chili peppers/sauce).

Although, the average bottle of Texas Pete sauce only measures at around 750 Scoville units due to the amount of chili pepper used in the formulation, among other factors such as seasonal variation.

Texas Pete Nutrition

The below nutritional information is for the Texas Pete Original sauce. As this is the most popular and widely, it makes sense to list those Nutritionals here.

Although, the other products in the product line, the Hotter and Garlic sauce, also have the same nutrition.

Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates0g
– of which sugars0g
Per Serving – 1 TSP (5g)

That’s right. This sauce has 0 calories!

How Do They Make Texas Pete?

Texas Pete is made with a slow, particular fermentation process. Red Cayenne peppers are aged in a salty-water solution – softening the skin and releasing the capsicum from the pepper. From there, the seeds and skin is removed and processed into a pulp. That pulp is then placed into a tank where impurities are removed. The pulp is finally blended with the remaining ingredients to make the sauce ready for bottling.