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What Is Tajin Sauce?

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Have you discovered Tajin sauce? Perhaps you’ve seen it at the grocery store, online, or maybe on a restaurant table somewhere. Either way, are you wondering what it is, what it is made of, and what it tastes like? Well, here is everything you are going to want to know.

So, what Is Tajin sauce? Tajin is a brand of hot sauce that comes from Mexico, made only from chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. It’s typically sold as an all-purpose condiment with many uses, although it is commonly eaten with fruit, vegetables, and meat. 

Tajín is used in various Mexican recipes, but it is so versatile.

It also goes particularly well with popcorn, tortilla chips, chips, and French fries too!

It’s popular in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America, and you can find it in many grocery stores or online.

So, with this all in mind, let us delve deeper into the ingredients, what the variations taste like, and explore how to use them further!

What Is Tajin Sauce Made Of?

Tajin sauce is made of chili peppers, sea salt, and lime juice. Nothing else, apart from the Chamoy variation of the sauce, which contains Apricots too. 

This makes Tajin sauce not only sugar-free but gluten-free and kosher, too.

There are two varieties of this sauce that the company sells:

Mild Hot Sauce

For those times when you want to eat something spicy but don’t want your tongue to be burned off, mild hot sauce is perfect. 

Spicy food lovers will enjoy this sauce because it is just the right amount of heat without being overwhelming. 

However, it lacks the sweetness that you’ll find in the Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce (discuss bellowed).

The ingredients of Tajin Hot sauce are Mild, Chili Peppers, Lime, and Sea Salt.

Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce

This sauce is remarkably spicy, but not overpoweringly so. 

You can use it as a marinade or a condiment on just about anything because it’s so versatile. 

There are flavors of mango and apricots in the hot sauce. 

It’s an excellent accompaniment to any meal, especially those that feature poultry or fish.

The ingredients of Tajin Chamoy sauce are Mild, Chili Peppers, Lime, Sea Salt, and Apricot.

What Does Tajin Sauce Taste Like?

Tajin sauce has a spicy flavor with a hint of lime that makes it popular for use in many different dishes. In addition, it gives food a smoky flavor, and it adds a slight tang to your food.

Tajin sauce adds a bright burst of citrus to any savory dish with the addition of lime juice and salt. 

The moment you take a bite, your mouth will be filled with the tart, tangy taste of lime in a way that’s just perfect.

The peppers give it its kick, the lime juice provides acidity, and the salt balances everything out to create a spicy-but-sweet flavor. 

The result is a sauce that can be used on just about anything—from fruit to vegetables to meat—that will truly make your mouth water.

What Do You Put Tajin Sauce On?

Tajin sauce is versatile and can be used on just about anything. Although, it is typically eaten with fruit, vegetables, meat, and savory snacks; either drizzled over or as a dipping sauce.

No matter how you decide to use Tajin, adding just a little bit of this sauce will give your dish a whole new level of flavor and excitement.

Here are some things Tajin can be used for:

Fruit Topper

Tajin is a sauce you can use on all kinds of things, but it’s especially great for fruits. 

It adds the right amount of citrus flavor to fruit, and it doesn’t have any sugar in it. 

So, it’s a great alternative to sweetened fruit dips loaded with calories and artificial sweeteners.

Taco Sauce

It can also add a hint of smoky heat to your tacos.

You just add it on top of your taco, and you’re good to go.

Adding Spice To Cocktails

While it’s most commonly used in Mexico, Tajin has applications in American bars. 

Adding Tajin to your cocktails makes for a great flavor profile that’s sure to bring people back for more. 

The sauce is good for adding a kick to your cocktails without adding too much heat. 

Additionally, the lime juice balances out the chilis for an incredibly bold flavor that goes well with almost any cocktail you can think of.

Adding Flavor To The Rim of Drinkware

It can be used for rimming glasses for tequila shots, margaritas, and any other beverage you want to rim, making the drink more flavorful.

Add To Your Eggs

Add a dash of Tajin to your eggs for a little kick that will both wake you up and make you feel like your breakfast is a party in your mouth. 

It’s a simple step that can add flavor to your morning meal.

Flavor Your Avocado

Tajin can be added to your avocado to give it a little kick. 

Thanks to the fruit’s creamy texture and added heat, your taco salad or breakfast toast will be a hit. 

A simple way to enjoy your Tajin is to cut an avocado in half, remove its seed, and season it liberally with the savory spice.

Spice Up Salsas 

The perfect way to give your salsas an added boost of flavor.

Spice up your favorite salsa recipe with this spicy and tangy sauce. 

Most salsas are seasoned with Tajin after they’ve been prepared.

In order to get a more flavorful salsa, you can add some to your tomatoes before chopping them up. 

The same holds true for mangoes and pineapples!

Drizzle Over Popcorn

You can use Tajin to add a little extra something to your popcorn or potato chips. 

Drizzle tajin sauce on popcorn once it’s been cooked in the microwave, then enjoy! 

Top Your Steak, Fish, or Chicken

Top your steak, fish, or chicken with it and bake or grill. 

Tajin sauce will give your steak, chicken, or fish an exotic flavor when cooked in the oven. 

Or you can save it until your meat is cooked and serve it on the side!

Add To Guacamole

The addition of tajin to guacamole provides an even bolder flavor profile than guacamole alone. 

The result is an even more gratifying snack that leaves the eater feeling even more satisfied. 

What Is Similar To Tajin Sauce?

The most similar sauces to Tajin include Chamoy, Sriracha, and Tobasco. While they are not direct replacements, they do offer similar flavor profiles.

If you’re looking for a tajin substitute because you’ve run out or are otherwise unable to procure it, you’re in luck.

There are many substitutes for tajin that can provide similar flavor profiles and levels of spice. 

Below is a guide to all the best sauces similar to tajin:


It’s a common misconception that tajín and Chamoy are the same. 

Though they’re both delicious and have similar flavors, they are not the same condiment. In addition, they are made with different ingredients.

Tajin sauce is made from ground chile peppers, lime juice, and salt. It is most commonly used to season fruit and vegetables, but it can also be used as a dipping sauce for chips. 

A popular snack in Mexico, tajin sauce is known for its tart flavor.

Chamoy sauce, on the other hand, is made from apricot or mango puree that has been combined with chile powder and vinegar. 

While it is typically served as a dipping sauce for fruit and vegetables, it can also be used as a condiment for snacks like popcorn or peanuts. 

Chamoy sauce is most often milder in flavor than tajin sauce.

No surprise that Tajin company makes both!

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Sriracha sauce and Tajin sauce are both hot sauces. 

They both have a thick, fine texture, and they are typically sold in plastic bottles that feature a wide opening. 

The colors of the sauces are very similar, as well: Tajin is more orange-red, and sriracha is closer to red-purple.

Tajin sauce is made from chile peppers, limes, and salt. Sriracha sauce is made from chile peppers and garlic.

Both sauces are spicy. 

However, Tajin sauce has a more prominent flavor that includes the flavor of lime, while sriracha has a distinct garlic taste as well as the spice of the chile peppers. 

Both sauces also have an almost sweet undertone to them that rounds out their flavor profile.

Sriracha sauce can be eaten on its own or used to spice up any dish you’re making. 

Tajin sauce is typically used as a condiment for sweet fruits such as watermelon and mangoes; however, you can also use it on savory foods like tacos or pizza if you want to add some extra zing.


Tajin and Tabasco are both hot sauces, but they have many differences. Tajin is the spicier of the two—coming in at a solid 5,000 to 7,500 on the Scoville scale. 

On the other hand, Tabasco sauce tends to be milder, coming in at 2,500 to 5,000 on the Scoville scale.

Both sauces feature salt and chili peppers, but Tajin also includes lime juice—giving it a bright, citrusy character that Tabasco lacks.

The two sauces also differ in their recommended use cases. 

Tajin is most often used for fruits, vegetables, and meats in savory applications—including pizza and tacos.

Tabasco sauce is traditionally used to add spice and flavor to various dishes, including eggs and meat—and specifically Cajun and Creole cuisine.

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