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How To Reheat Bearnaise Sauce

Have some Bearnaise sauce that you want to use again? Need to reheat it before you can? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I am going to be walking you through exactly what you need to do.

So, how do you reheat bearnaise sauce? The best way to reheat bearnaise sauce without it breaking is by adding it to a bowl and gently warming it over a pan of simmering water. You will need to whisk continuously and serve immediately as soon as it is hot.

Unfortunately, this is not a sauce that does particularly well reheated.

And for this reason, it is generally best and commonly advised, to always make it from scratch (and from fresh).

However, we’ve all been in the position where you have made too much.

Or alternatively, we have a large number of guests due for dinner and we want to plan ahead of time.

Either way, reheating is possible – but you do need to be careful and take it slow.

You should absolutely stand over your Bearnaise sauce while warming too, to ensure it does not curdle.

But what about the microwave?

Let’s find out!

Can You Reheat Bearnaise Sauce In The Microwave

It is not a good idea to attempt to reheat Bearnaise Sauce in the microwave. This sauce is at risk of breaking when exposed to high heat and needs continuous whisking to prevent separation too.

If you are going to attempt reheating in the microwave, then first and foremost, you will need a low setting.

And, you will need to get it out regularly to give it a stir.

For these reasons, it will take a long time and is not recommended.

It is likely the taste and texture will be off and nothing like freshly made sauce.

What Can I Do With Leftover Bearnaise Sauce?

Leftover Bearnaise sauce can be used on a variety of dishes or stored away in an airtight container in the fridge. However, this sauce does not last long and is generally best made from fresh.

Thankfully, Bearnaise sauce is very versatile.

And for this reason, you can use it with a variety of different foods to use it up.

Steak, fish, chicken, eggs (such as with eggs benedict), vegetables (like brocolli), potato salad; these are all great uses for Bearnaise.

So you could consider making a dish with those.

Perhaps create a side dish, or starter, if you are having guests or want to elevate your meal a little.

Otherwise, your other main option is storage.

And like heating, again, you need to be mindful.

You’ll need to ensure its not left out at room temperature for any length of time.

You will need to transfer your Bearnaise to an airtight container; maybe its Tupperware (plastic or glass), maybe it’s a screw-top jar.

From there, you need to place it in the refrigerator.

But what can you expect from it? Well, the next section covers that.

Does Bearnaise Sauce Keep?

Bearnaise sauce does keep, but not very well or for very long. So long as you appropriately refrigerate, you should get an additional day, perhaps two at most, from your leftover Bearnaise sauce.

For the most part, this sauce is best from fresh.

But, assuming you get your storage conditions right, you may be able to keep it a day or two.

But, it will quickly degrade in quality.

It will likely separate and you will notice a drastic drop in the quality of the sauce after a day or two.

To the point where it is no longer appetizing.

So, do not try to keep, or expect this sauce to keep, very long.

If you are looking for something that lasts a little longer, consider purchasing a pre-made store-bought (bottled or jarred) option.

This brand from Amazon has particularly good reviews.

This should keep a lot longer – both before opening and afterward too.


There is an art to reheating Bearnaise sauce.

And it’s called patience and repetitive whisking.

While it can be tempting to blast the heat, and while time is of the essence, you really should not do that.

That’s a sure-fire way to ruin your sauce.

So instead, you are going to need to strategically warm it in a bowl over a simmering pan of hot water on a stove.

Better yet, consider a double boiler (this is the one to buy from Amazon).

That will make your life a lot easier.

And it’s great for reheating all kinds of sauces too.

So an investment for the future for sure.