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Hooters Daytona Sauce [All You Want To Know!]

Daytona Beach Style Wings have become quite the popular menu item down at Hooters.

It’s clear to see why. It has a lot to do with the sauce.

But what is it exactly, what does it taste like?

Well, I’m here to answer all here today.

If you are not sure whether to order it, or just want to learn more about how it differs from the other wing menu items, then all you need to do is keep reading!

What Is Daytona Sauce?

Daytona is a sauce used by Hooters to coat chicken wings. It is available and comes naturally included with the Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings menu item.

Wings are fried, tossed and then grilled to seal in the flavor.

What Does Hooters Daytona Sauce Taste Like?

Daytona sauce has a sweet-smokey and somewhat tangy taste. Its relatively sticky in texture.

In terms of tanginess, some notice it has a subtle vinegar- like flavor to it.

Whereas others compare it to Carolina BBQ sauce.

What Is Daytona Sauce At Hooters Made Of?

The exact ingredients of Daytona sauce at Hooters is a company-secret and is not publicly shared or available. However, it likely has a BBQ sauce base, along with a hot sauce among other spices.

If we look at the nutritional information, we can start to make some inferences.

For instance, it has no fat, so we know that there’s nothing like mayo in there!

It’s high sodium content screams a hot sauce, too:

Daytona Sauce Nutritional Information

NameTotal (Per 2 Fl. Oz)
Cholesterol 0mg
Carbohydrates 24g
– of which sugar20g

Want to make this sauce at home? Check out my Hooters Daytona Sauce Recipe!


Is Hooters Daytona Sauce Spicy?

Hooters Daytona Sauce has a subtle and spicy kick. It’s not overwhelming, but you can definitely taste heat.

What Flavor Is Hooters Daytona Sauce?

Hooters Daytona sauce has a smokey/sweet/tangy and subtle spice flavor.