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Board And Brew Sauce [All You Want To Know!]

Board and Brew Sauce. Given the honay title of the restaurant chain itself.

Thee sauce of the restaurant.

Their ‘secret sauce’.

But what is it? What does it taste like?

Should you order it, even?

Well today, I am going to be uncovering all there is to know.

So hopefully, you’ll know whether it’s for you!

What Is Board And Brew Sauce?

Board and brew is a tangy, sweet and sour sauce, used as a sandwich sauce by the restaurant chain but also offered as a dipping sauce.

It also goes by the term “Secret/Special Sauce”. So if you see that on the menu, it is essentially the same thing!

Once only reserved for the Turkey Deluxe sandwich, you will now find it in many more sandwiches on the menu.

You can even buy the sauce for $6 a bottle, as we can see from their ofifical Instagram page/post below:

Board And Brew Sauce

What Does Board And Brew Sauce Taste Like?

Board and Brew source is tangy, sweet and a little sour. It has a subtle spice to it along with notes of vinegar. It is isn’t runny, nor is it an overly thick sauce in texture.

What Is In Board And Brew Sauce?

Board and Brew sauce is made from: canola oil, sugar, red onion, red wine vinegar, paprika, water, mustard powder, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate.

Not so secret after all.

In fact, one whistleblower and former employee revealed the full ingredient list on a post on reddit.

They took a picture of a delivery box. Here it is:

Board And Brew Sauce

Note: Board and Brew sauce also goes by the name “sweet and sour sauce”.

Of course, this exact ingredient list could change.

Who knows?

Besides it has happened before.

At least, the original recipe apparently had more of a vinegary aftertaste than today’s version.

Still it’s what they use today!

Want to make this sauce at home? Check out my Board and Brew Sauce Recipe!


Is Board and Brew Sauce Vegan?

Board and Brew Sauce is vegan.

Can You Buy Board and Brew Sauce?

You can buy bottles of Board and Brew at all locations. Bottles are $6 each.