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Has Subway Sweet Onion Sauce Been Discontinued?

Have you wandered into Subway lately, craving your go-to Sweet Onion Sauce, only to be informed it’s no longer available?

Or maybe you scanned the menu in vain, realizing your beloved condiment has vanished without a trace.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

This article is here to let you know whether Subway has indeed discontinued their popular Sweet Onion Sauce, and if it has been replaced with an alternative.

So be sure to read on.

We’ll get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of Sweet Onion Sauce.

So you can finally get closure if you’ve been wondering “what happened to the Sweet Onion Sauce at Subway?”

Has Subway Sweet Onion Sauce Been Discontinued?

Sweet Onion Sauce has been discontinued at Subway; at least the version of the sauce that was widely loved and enjoyed.

As a longtime sauce enthusiast and Subway fan, I was disappointed to learn that my beloved Sweet Onion Sauce has been replaced on the menu.

Based on reports from customers and Subway employees, it seems the tangy, sweet, and savory sauce has indeed been discontinued sometime in the last couple years.

Though Subway has yet to make an official announcement, the sauce is clearly no longer available as an option when customizing your sub.

I used to slather it on everything from meatball subs to cold cut combos, so this is tragic news for Sweet Onion addicts like myself.

It was a versatile condiment that added a unique, mellow onion flavor to any sandwich.

What has replaced Sweet Onion Sauce at Subway?

Subway has replaced the Sweet Onion Sauce with a new Teriyaki Sweet Onion Sauce. While it does have onion notes, it is predominantly teriyaki flavored. The sauce is thick, sticky, and much sweeter than the original.

While the new sauce may complement Subway’s chicken teriyaki sandwiches, it does not work well with most other subs, at least in my opinion.

As fellow Subway patrons have noted, the overpowering teriyaki flavor clashes with sandwiches like meatball and Italian.

The sauce is also too strong for many customer’s tastes.

That being said, we all have our tastes and preferences.

There are of course customers who prefer the new option.

Each to their own!

Will they bring back sweet onion sauce at Subway?

From conversations with Subway employees, it sadly doesn’t sound hopeful that the original Sweet Onion Sauce will return.

Apparently there were many complaints when it was discontinued, but Subway stood firm in replacing it with the Teriyaki Sweet Onion Sauce instead.

Some speculate that this was a cost cutting measure, as it’s cheaper to produce one sauce rather than two.

However, it has clearly upset many loyal customers who continue to request the original.

As much as we Sweet Onion Sauce die-hards complain, Subway does not seem inclined to bring it back.

As such, I have devised my own copycat version, which you can find below:

Learn more: Subway Sweet Onion Sauce Recipe

It’s a shame Subway got rid of such a popular, versatile sauce option that made their sandwiches special.

But that’s the way it can go, I suppose.

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Did Subway stop selling sweet onion sauce?

Subway stopped selling their Sweet Onion Sauce sometime in the last couple years, replacing it with a new Teriyaki Sweet Onion Sauce instead.

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