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Does Soy Sauce Need To Be Refrigerated?

So you have purchased, or will soon be purchasing a bottle of Soy sauce. Next, you will be wondering how to store it. Does it need to be refrigerated along with the rest of your condiments or can it be kept elsewhere? Here is what you need to know.

So, does Soy sauce need to be refrigerated? Soy sauce does not need to be refrigerated, although it can be once opened to help preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of the condiment. So long as this sauce is kept in a dry place out of direct sunlight, it should not go bad.

A choice.

That’s what you generally have here.

Not something we are always as lucky to have with a condiment.

Nevertheless, let us now look at how refrigeration can impact the longevity of this salty sauce.

Can Soy Sauce Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Soy sauce can go bad if not refrigerated, but this is more to do with where it is kept rather than the temperature a fridge can provide.

In reality, Soy sauce stores very well at room temperature.

So long as it is out of direct sunlight and kept in a dry place, that is.

So no storing on a windowsill, on the side, or anywhere else that is open for that matter.

A close cupboard, or pantry, is best.

Does Soy Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated After Opening?

Soy sauce can be refrigerated after opening, but it does not necessarily need to be.

There is definitely a case for refrigerating Soy sauce; besides, many of the top brands including Kikkoman and Yamasa even directly state on the bottle that you should refrigerate after opening.

But, outside of the temperature – you shouldn’t notice much difference.

Especially if you consume the Soy sauce within a few months to a year after opening.

And here is why.

The ingredients in Soy sauce, primarily the salt, meaning that it’s very difficult for bacteria to grow and for it to turn bad.

Does Soy Sauce Refrigerate?

Soy sauce does refrigerate, and it does refrigerate quite well. In fact, refrigerating Soy sauce is perhaps the best way to extend how long you can generally keep and still use it for, especially after opening the bottle.

Refrigeration really is all about preserving the flavor for longer.

Refrigeration essentially slows the fermentation process.

So this is all about how long you intend to keep it – and your desired taste from it.

If you use this condiment rarely or sparingly, then it is probably best to put it in the refrigerator (if you have space).

This will ensure the flavor remains the next time you use it.

Even if this is months after opening!

Sure, the flavor will remain if stored in a dry space without sunlight too – but generally not for as long.

And when it does start to turn, you will notice.

It will actually become stronger and the fermented soy flavor will inteisfy.

You may prefer it that way, you may not.

Ultimately it comes down to preference.


My recommendation; store it where it suits you best.

If you prefer your Soy sauce a little colder and have the fridge space to dedicate to this condiment – then stick it in the fridge!

You may even find it lasts a little longer.

But if you want to keep it at room temperature, that’s absolutely fine too.

Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and in a dry, safe place.

Besides, this sauce does not expire.

I just love that about it!

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