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Best Sauces For Pizza Rolls ⋆ 9 Delicious Options! ⋆

Pizza rolls are a nice treat for game day, or a Saturday night in front of the tele. They’re also the perfect snack at a party, or summer BBQ. They’re made all the lovelier if you have the right dipping sauce–or even a couple of different ones to choose from. Well thankfully, I am going to be sharing with you the best ones – and those you’ll also want to avoid!

So, what are the best sauces for pizza rolls? Cheese sauces (both cold made with sour cream, or cooked) are great with pizza rolls, as is a fresh marinara sauce. BBQ sauces are also popular. Melted butter with garlic, or whipped butter with garlic and parsley are a delicious pairing, too. Alternatively, Chimichurri, ranch or a hot sauce mix with mayo are ideal for pizza rolls.  

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Below you’ll find a list of great sauces for pizza rolls, as well as some tips for sauces to avoid.

The Best Sauces For Pizza Rolls

Cheese and Sourcream Sauce

This is a nice and simple sauce to make for your pizza rolls! No cooking required!

All you need is some shredded cheddar cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, and finely sliced green onions. 

Combine the ingredients in a bowl and you’re good to go! You can keep the sauce in the refrigerator until you serve it. 

Want to spice up the sauce a little bit? Add some chopped cooked bacon. 

Not a fan of meat? Add some Old El Paso or another type of thick and chunky salsa that you can buy in the grocery store/supermarket. 

Of course, you can make your own salsa, too. This calls for the cooked version, though, so you’ll have to put a bit of effort into making your own! 

You can find the full recipe here

Spiced Up Ranch Sauce

This recipe is so simple even a six-year-old could muster it. All you need is some store bought ranch dressing and chili powder and ground cumin to taste. 

You can find the full recipe here.  

Want to up the game and make your own ranch dressing? It’s actually pretty darn simple. 

You’ll need quite a few ingredients, though–mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk or regular milk, dill weed, dried parsley and chives, onion powder, garlic powder, fine sea salt, finely cracked pepper, and lemon juice. 

When making ranch sauce, you whisk together the mayo, sour cream, and milk first. Then you add in the spices and whisk again. Lastly, you whisk in the lemon juice. 

That is indeed pretty easy, isn’t it? And to think most of us buy it in a jar without having a clue how to make it ourselves (guilty as charged!).

For the full recipe for ranch sauce, have a look here

Garlic Butter Sauce

Some people really like melted butter for dipping sauces. Unhealthy as it may be, it does taste nice when you dip a nice piece of bread, or pizza roll in it!

It also happens to be really easy to make a melted garlic butter sauce. You simply melt some butter and add a bit of garlic powder and salt. 

Or you can add minced garlic and salt, and sautée the garlic in the butter. 

If you like parsley, you can add some dried parsley to the melted butter, too. 

Whipped Garlic Butter

Prefer whipped butter to melted butter? If that’s the case, then you can make whipped garlic butter instead of the melted variety! 

For this you mince some garlic, and sautée it in one half of the butter. Once done, you combine it with the rest of the butter by whisking it together. 

Lastly, stir in some salt and chopped parsley. You’ll want fresh parsley for this.  

For the full recipe, see here

Spicy Cheese Sauce

Can’t get enough cheese on your pizza rolls? Add some additional cheese sauce!

To make a spicy cheese sauce, melt some butter in a pan. Then add some flour to make a roux. After that, stir in milk and let it incorporate fully. 

Then add garlic powder, onion powder, and some finely diced pickled jalapeños. Lastly, add grated cheese. 

This recipe calls for American cheese, but I’d opt for something like cheddar. Less processed and more tangy. 

Mayo Hot Sauce

Hot sauce on its own can be a bit much for some, but when blended with mayo it turns into a sauce most can enjoy. 

This particular recipe doesn’t just call for hot sauce and mayo, but also honey, Dijon mustard, and apple cider vinegar. It’s the kind of sauce that will probably work really well for your next BBQ, too. 

The full recipe can be found here

Chimichurri Sauce

If you would like something that’s very fresh and herby, then chimichurri is the perfect sauce for your pizza rolls! 

While chimichurri is an Argentine and Uruguayan sauce traditionally served with grilled meat (as well as used as an ingredient when cooking), it’s a really refreshing sauce that you can use to dip your bread in, too! 

So what will you need for this sauce? Parsley, garlic, cumin, oregano,red pepper flakes, rosemary (optional), salt, olive oil, and (red wine) vinegar. 

You can chop up all the ingredients and then combine them in a mortar, or pop it all in a food processor. 

You can read the full recipe here if you want to learn the exact measurements. And you’ll find plenty of other recipes for chimichurri online. Everyone has their own favorite take on it. 

Alabama White BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is a classic when serving pizza rolls, but the brown version can be a bit overbearing. 

Therefore, try the Alabama white version, instead. The reason it’s white is because it’s a mayo (instead of tomato) based sauce.

To make this sauce, mix mayonnaise with apple cider vinegar, brown mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. All you need to do is stir together the ingredients in a bowl. 

You can find one version of Alabama White BBQ sauce here, but you can also research other recipes to figure out which one sounds like the tastiest one!

Can’t get enough of traditional BBQ sauce? Then there’s no saying you can’t use it as a dip for pizza rolls!

To make a simple BBQ sauce, combine ketchup, cider vinegar, brown sugar, smoked paprika, cumin, salt, and freshly cracked black pepper in a pot and cook for a couple of minutes. 

Of course, if you’re intent on making your own ketchup, too, then this recipe becomes complicated fast. But if you buy the ketchup, it takes less than ten minutes to make! You’ll find the recipe here

Some people like to add some dry mustard and Worcestershire sauce when making their own BBQ sauce, so experiment till you find a recipe you really love!

Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce is an Italian classic, so it’s not surprising some people like to dip their pizza rolls in it! 

Of course, there’s usually already tomato sauce in pizza rolls, but if you like your marinara sauce, there’s no saying you can’t have some extra! 

Real classic marinara sauce is actually shockingly simple to make. Tomatoes, red pepper flakes, olive oil, basil, and garlic. 

Oh, and some salt, to taste. Some people prefer oregano to basil. Others like to add some onion. 

See the full recipe here.   

What Types of Sauces Pair Best With Pizza Rolls?

Pizza rolls, not surprisingly given they contain tomato sauce and cheese, pair well with a cheese sauce or a classic marinara sauce. A nice buttery garlic sauce is another option. You’ve also got mayo based sauces, like ranch dressing, or an Alabama white BBQ sauce. Of course, there’s also regular BBQ sauce. For something a little fresher, you have chimichurri. Herby and delicious.

When it comes to cheese sauces, you can do a simple cold version, using sour cream as the base for your sauce. 

Or you can make a more traditional cheese sauce that you cook on the stove to which you can add some chopped up pickled jalapeños if you like to keep things spicy.

Garlic and butter sauces are popular too–simply melt some butter and add the garlic, or make whipped butter with garlic and fresh parsley. 

As mentioned, you’ve got red/brown BBQ sauces and the white Alabama style ones. Either works well with your pizza rolls.

Tomato based sauces such as marinara sauce also pair nicely with pizza rolls. 

Another tomato based sauce you might want to try is salsa. 

For something more herbal and fresh, go with chimichurri. 

Of course, if you like things really hot, you could serve your pizza rolls with a hot sauce of your choice. Like chipotle sauce or sriracha sauce. 

What Sauces To Avoid Serving With Pizza Rolls 

Dipping your pizza rolls in ketchup and mustard are not the best pairings for pizza rolls. Nor will will a sweet chili dip.   

While a sweet chili and cream cheese sauce is divine, the flavors clash with most pizza rolls. 

Likewise, a mustard sauce likely won’t be a smash hit. That said, mustard is a popular ingredient in some BBQ sauces that would probably work really well with your pizza rolls. 

Ketchup won’t taste bad on a pizza roll–most pizza rolls have tomato sauce in them–but it won’t really do anything for them, either. Unless, of course, you’re an avid ketchup fan. 

You wouldn’t use something like soy sauce, either. 

Soy based dipping sauces are more for things like wontons and spring rolls. Well, there are many uses for soy based dipping sauces, but pizza rolls aren’t one of them!

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