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Why Are Cranberry Sauce Cans Upside Down?

Noticed that your Cranberry sauce can is upside down? Wondering why this is the case; is it a design fault, floor, or a terrible error at the manufacturing facility? It’s actually quite interesting; here is why your can appears in this way.

So, what are Cranberry sauce cans upside down? Cranberry sauce cans are purposefully designed to appear upside down. This is actually to enable a vacuum, which allows air to push the contents out of the can without the need to use a spoon or other item of cutlery.

So you have a rounded edge at the top and a sharp edge at the bottom.

Looks so off, doesn’t it?

But it’s actually the result of a purposeful, innovative approach that will really help you.

And it doesn’t matter what brand you buy – they are all designed the same way. It’s not juiced an Ocean Spray thing if this is what you thought.

How To Open A Cranberry Sauce Can Properly

You should open a can of Cranberry sauce from the bottom.

That way, when you insert a flat knife in between the can and the jelly, the vacuum will be activated.

And in doing so, air will travel through and push the contents down (and out) – where you want it!

You’ll have a perfectly whole mount of cranberry sauce jelly, that you can then cut up or divide into portion sizes accordingly.


An effective vacuum.

That’s the reason behind this particular can design.

So that rounded end – that’s not the bottom.

And in reality – your can is not technically upside down.

It’s just a funny design – even if it does look somewhat strange!