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Where To Buy Chamoy Sauce

Do you want to buy some Chamoy sauce but are not sure where you can do so? No problem, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best places to shop for this Mexican condiment.

So, where can you buy Chamoy sauce? Chamoy sauce is sold at most of the larger grocery stores, including Walmart, along with most Mexican supermarkets (which will likely have more options). Additionally, you can purchase this sauce quite readily online, from specialty or Mexican food stores and Amazon.

For the most part, this should not be the hardest sauce to source.

See what I did there.

And that means you have options; which let’s be honest – are always welcome.

But before you go out and get some, let us quickly run through some important considerations to ensure you get exactly what you want, and at a fair price.

How Much Does Chamoy Sauce Cost?

The average bottle of Chamoy sauce will cost you between $1.50-$15, depending on the brand, the size of the bottle(s), and where you decide to buy it.

For instance, this is not a sauce that you necessarily have to buy individually.

You can often find it for sale in bulk.

And at the same time, you will typically see that it comes in various sizes too.

There are often smaller 15.38 fl oz (fluid ounce) bottles, and larger 33.5 fl oz bottles too.

Then you have to consider any in-store or online promotional offers and the indirect costs of purchasing too.

Perhaps it’s for delivery, for instance.

Nonetheless, a single bottle can often be picked up for less than $5.

Best Places To Buy Chamoy Sauce

The best place to buy Chamoy sauce depends on whether you are looking for a particular brand when you need it, and how much you are looking to buy.

For the most part, you should find Chamoy sauce in the larger grocery store chains – whether that be in-store or online.

This includes the likes of Walmart and Kroger.

Just consider that not all stores stock it; so it is best to check your local store ahead of time.

Or, you could look for some at specific Mexican markets too, like, for instance.

But for me, perhaps the best, most convenient place is from Amazon.

Where else?!

They sell all of the major brands, and several others too as you can see here.

So if you know you want Salsita De Chamoy, Amor, or EL CHILERITO Chamoy, you can get it easily.

And then there is always Prime too to ensure you get it delivered the same day – or at the very least, the next day!

Where Can You Find Chamoy Sauce In The Grocery Store?

If your grocery store stocks it, Chamoy sauce will typically be kept in the Mexican or International food aisle, or section.

Sometimes, it is kept in a specific section within the general condiment aisle too.

For the most part, of course, some independent Mexican markets may have other ideas and places for it.

So wherever you shop, perhaps your best bet is to ask the staff.

They’ll be able to tell you whether they have it, and where you can find it.


So there you have it.

Several options to go and purchase Chamoy sauce today.

You’ll be consuming this spicy versatile condiment in no time; whether that be with sweets, snacks, or fruit!

Does Walmart Have Chamoy Sauce?

Walmart sells various brands of Chamoy sauce, including El Chilerito, Amor, and Salsita De Chamoy and you can purchase them readily online. Although not all stores will stock this sauce, and all brands, so you should check ahead of time.